Fall Fashion Essentials for Men


As summer is coming to an end, it’s about time you started thinking about your fall wardrobe staples and ways to combine them in order to come up with some flawless clothing combos. However, if you still aren’t sure about what the fall fashion essentials are, just be sure to stay with us and keep on reading. Here are five of them you simply have to have this season!

Quality wool trousers

As soon as fall arrives, you should definitely turn to a bit thicker fabrics like wool and corduroy. These are the best ones for crisp weather and lower temperatures typical for this season. Cotton can also be a great choice, even though it isn’t as comfortable and warm as wool. When picking appropriate trousers, one of the most important things is their cut. Slim cut is always a good idea, just make sure that your trousers aren’t too tight. As for the color, black, navy and grey are an amazing idea, as well as all shades of brown. Burgundy and deep green will work, too!

Shawl collar cardigan

This timeless item is pretty much everything a fashion-forward man needs to own, so make sure to get a shawl collar cardigan for an upcoming season. As its name suggests, the high shawl collar is what characterizes this piece and makes it what it is – a staple for cold weather. Such cardigan will definitely help you feel warm and cozy. Apart from that, it’s trendy, stylish and just a little bit nerdy, and you know what? Girls really dig that, so don’t skip it this fall!

A rain jacket

The season we’re about to enter is well-known for its unpredictable weather, so don’t let it fool you and be prepared no matter what. Getting a rain jacket is an absolute must, so be sure to pick one that perfectly combines function with a fine design. Such piece will help you stay dry on a rainy day without looking like a tourist lost in space, which is exactly why you should look for brands that provide both protection from the rain and stylish designs. Make sure that the jacket you’re about to get is 100 percent waterproof, and you won’t make a mistake with it!

Fashionable accessories


No outfit is complete without proper accessories, and that’s the case with fall clothing combos, too. A trendy umbrella is always a good idea, especially when matched with the rest of your outfit. However, we can all agree that it maybe isn’t even necessary if you decide to get a rain jacket. Ties made from wool blends are a fantastic choice if formal attire is your everyday choice, as well as patterned pocket squares. Apart from these, you can never go wrong with a statement wrist watch. These simply scream class, so get some quality watches online ASAP!

Smart boots

If there’s something that can keep you safe from the rain, apart from a rain jacket (obviously), it’s a pair of smart boots. Quality footwear will keep you warm and protected from rain and snow later on, so be sure to get the best boots you can find. Apart from providing more coverage than an average pair of shoes, these are also highly versatile – you can wear them both in casual and in formal occasions, and even in combination with suits! Matte leather is one of the most convenient choices when it comes to fall, whereas black, gray and chocolate brown are fantastic in terms of color selection.

As you can see, each of these four pieces, alongside with appropriate accessories, is absolutely essential when it comes to this season. These will allow you to stay warm and cozy while being really fashionable at the same time, so get them as soon as possible and rock your fall outfits like a pro!

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How To Be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

The fall fashion forecast was definitely inspired as well as versatile, and with the abundance of floral prints, bold silhouettes and deconstructed classics one might be inclined to believe that minimalism has given way ‘maximalism’. This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth. Minimalism is still holding the reins, especially now that it’s autumn. This season is every minimalist’s dream as they get to experiment, play with layers and prove that minimalism is everything but boring.

For all of those who are feeling increasingly drawn towards the realm of simplicity and timeless, effortless elegance only minimalism can provide, worry not. Putting together a minimalist look is easier than it seems, and all you need is a bit of guidance so you can choose just the right garments that will then blend together as if they were made with the intention of ending up with each other.

First and foremost

Before you can dive into the world in which getting dressed in the morning takes five minutes with the result of an impeccable outfit every single time, you have to first learn some of the basic rules. The first rule is one regarding the color palette.

In order to avoid clashing garments stick to a neutral palette consisting of various shades of grey and beige, then the inevitable black, as well as white, navy and at times maroon, burnt orange and shaded spruce – after all, the last three are Pantone’s colors of the season and given their neutral warmth they are sure to fit right in. With the exception of a subtle plaid print and evergreen stripes, leave other prints behind as they can stir trouble in the matching department.

How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

The second rule concerns the cut. Always pick timeless non-trendy cuts that will always be in style and never purchase anything you haven’t tried on because one of the key elements of minimalism is the perfect fit. No matter how gorgeous a piece looks, if it doesn’t fit like a glove, leave it behind. Finally, allow only high-quality garments made from sustainable (therefore durable) materials to enter your wardrobe. You’re building a long-lasting wardrobe arsenal and so quality is crucial if you want your clothes to stand the test of time.

How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

Starting over

Once you’ve picked up on these simple rules, it’s time to start building your wardrobe. For girls, this journey starts with dresses as they are the simplest yet most powerful tool one can pull out of a closet. A gorgeous black dress with a touch of drama in the form of subtle lace details that follows your shape is an impeccable choice.

How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

For men, the journey starts with no other than a great tailored suit. Black would be the obvious choice, but truly any color from the ‘prescribed’ color palette will do as long as the cut is classic and timeless. Speaking of suits, both men and women should own at least one but preferably more than one blazer. In order for you to remain fashionable, one of them can be tailored and the other oversized. The second will be a perfect autumn outerwear for those casual low-key days, and it can even feature the plaid print.

How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

Now, we move on to tops. Both men and women should own a classic white shirt. Your closet will be grateful as this is one of those chameleonic garments that go wonderfully with both casual and dressy outfits. You can pair it with the blazer or a gorgeous sweater. A snug light beige wool sweater goes amazingly well with a white shirt, especially if you throw in a pleated midi skirt in black or even maroon. For guys, both black and grey will do the trick, and if a pop of color is what you’re looking for, then shaded spruce is definitely your pick.

How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

As autumn is all about chic layering skills, don’t forget to stock up on basics. By that, we mean simple T-shirts in all the mentioned shades. Never underestimate the power of a simple tee as it’s the perfect foundation for any casual chic look. Black and white striped cashmere sweaters are a definite must for both.


How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

 As for jeans, the same rule applies to both ladies and gentleman. Your first priority is the perfect fit so make sure you scout the perfect jeans for your body type. Steer clear of embroidery, patches and ripped jeans – the goal is a lasting not fading novelty. Always go for dark instead of washed jeans – it’s very difficult to look polished in washed jeans. Now, this next garment is for boys only – simple grey sweats as there are very few things sexier than a man sporting this casual piece.

How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

Bring on the fall

Fall would not be complete without a few fine outerwear garments to complete the look. While both boys and gals can take the same classic route with the utmost sophisticated camel trench coat, if for guys this is a tad too dressy, a classic leather jacket makes for a super-fine alternative. Every girl should own a black biker jacket – the ultimate fashion chameleon, because even minimalist gals deserve a bit of edginess.

Carefully curated footwear

How to be a Fashion Minimalist this Fall

One of the fall’s staples for every girl are black and camel ankle boots. Simple black patent leather loafers should also be on your list, along with nude pumps and simple white sneakers (something along the lines of Adidas Superstar. Boys should stick to classic suede shoes, white sneakers as well, and for a bit of edge, black army boots.

Minimal all the way

Nothing more than a great timepiece and eyewear is necessary or desired when it comes to men’s accessories. For girls, this universe is a tad larger, but make sure to keep your jewelry subtle (silver and gold only). Finally, a woman’s best friend – the bag. Don’t experiment with these, keep them solid, well-made and with no excessive details.

By Sophia Smith