What Could You Do To Enhance Your Style? Let's Explore

When it comes to our style, we can all be guilty of getting stuck in a rut at times. We can wear the same things over and over, feel secure in certain colours and are less likely to wear things that perhaps make us stand out or feel differently. However, our style is something that we have complete control over, and so you should be daring and try different things. So if your think you are in a bit of a style rut, then perhaps some of these options will help you.


Using a capsule wardrobe to develop your style

One of the first things you could consider would be a capsule wardrobe. It is a great way to enhance your style and is actually one of the simplest ways to do it. You invest in me pieces for your wardrobe, perhaps with a focus such as workwear or casual outfits, and then you consider the options you want to add to the wardrobe. With your capsule wardrobe, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix textures and materials, colours and styles. It gives you more freedom but limiting your choices.

Making the most of the accessories you have

The next thing to think about would be the accessories you choose to wear with your outfit. Some people have specific jewellery they wear all of the time, it might include a earrings or a diamond ring from specialists like VVS Diamonds, it might be a certain bracelet or wedding band perhaps, but that doesn’t;t mean you can’t add with a few different statement pieces.  Accessories can also mean scarves and belts or even the bag you choose for your outfit, sunglasses maybe or whether you put on a hat.

Shoes can really change the way an outfit looks

Shoes are one of those things that can be an afterthought, or it could be that you choose comfort over style every time. But it might be worth trying to change these habits and really think about the shoes you wear. They can change the whole dynamic of an outfit. A once casual outfit can remain casual for the day with trainers or flats, but could also be dressed up for the evening with a pair of stiletto heels or sandals.

Step out of your comfort zone

The next time you are buying clothes or staring at your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear, why not step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Maybe wear that dress that is at the back that you haven’t worn before. Wear the skirt, the trousers or the top that is a little bit more colourful than you would normally choose. It can be very liberating.

Try wearing colours

Finally, why not consider wearing a little more colour? Figure out the colours that will suit your skin tone the best and really see the difference it can make to your overall look and complexion. Colour is a great way to dress up an outfit, and is another way for you to be a little different and more daring with your outfit choices.

I hope that this gives you some encouragement to enhance your style.

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