10 Closet Essentials Everyone Needs

When it comes to your wardrobe, you need to be as versatile as possible for any event that comes your way. Having a set base of key pieces to build upon with any outfit helps for easier styling. With these 10 essentials in your wardrobe, your guaranteed to be ready to dress for anything.

Nautica Fall /Winter 17

Nautica Fall /Winter 17

1.    A Fitted Blazer

A blazer that is perfectly tailored to your body can be the biggest asset in your closet. You can pull off a professional look by adding some nice pants and lace ups, or you can go in a more casually put together route by pairing it with blue jeans, sneakers, and T-shirt.

2. Black Pants

Whether you prefer chinos or trousers, a nice pair of black pants can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe to easily elevate any outfit you’re trying to put together.


3. A Cashmere Sweater

Everyone needs a good sweater for layering up in the colder months, and what better fabric than cashmere? This piece is simple but will keep you looking sharp. You can choose from any type of color that suits your personal style.


4. Dress Shoes

No outfit is complete without a good pair of shoes. Dress shoes are an essential for anyone in the professional world. Picking the color all depends on the color palette you prefer to have in your wardrobe, but you can never go wrong starting with black.

5. A White T- Shirt


A classic white tee will be the most versatile piece you could ever have. You can wear it under other garments when layering, or paired with a jacket or blazer for a casual look. When picking your T-shirt, you have to think about the quality and feel. Tani USA is the best place to look for a great quality tee that lasts.


6. A Pantsuit

Having a good Pantsuit is different than having a nice blazer. A pantsuit is great for your days when you have to look more polished and put together. Whether your preference is blue, black, or gray, your suit will always be your easiest go-to.


7.  A Button Up

A button up will be your best friend. Perfect under any coat or by itself, this item can be as dressed up or dressed down as you please. Pair with tailored pieces for a dapper look or go with jeans to be more modernly casual.


8. A Bag or Briefcase

If you’re a busy on-the-go type person, you need all your items in one easy place. Having a stylish side bag or brief case will do just that. The bag will also pull your whole outfit together. Make sure when picking one out, you stick to a structured style in a solid color to look more upscale.


9. A Trench Coat

A good coat is often overlooked when thinking about what your closet needs. The best type to get would have to be a trench coat. Not only does its silhouette look professional, but it is also very much adaptable for any look you are trying to pull off.


10. A watch

Having a good watch is the perfect way to add a little something extra to your ensemble. In terms of style, less is more. Keep the look minimalistic by choosing a color like black, silver, or a subtle gold.  



By Serina Sabedra