Spending Money To Get The Life You Want

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We all know that, among a few other things, money makes the world go round. In order to get what we want in life, we have to sacrifice the little bills in our pockets and the numbers in our bank accounts. You can’t really get anything for free in this world, unfortunately. Sure, there might be a few lucky souls that have things handed to them on a silver platter, but the rest of us have to graft for it. 

The world we living can often be an unforgiving one in terms of the money we have and the money we spend. What seemed like a good idea one day may turn out to be a terrible one the next day – with heavily grievous consequences. Those instances, however, are few and far between. Those risks we take can come with rewards that benefit us for the rest of our lives. Whether it’s personally or professionally, investing some dough into something can be the difference between getting what we want and just missing out on something special.   

As we said before, you get what you pay for in this life. If you’re unwilling to get out there and part with your money, then you’re probably not going to receive the benefits. Think about what you want out of life or the life that you’ve always pictured; it won’t walk over to you; you must go and get it. Let’s now look at ways in which your investment can affect your life for the better.       

Your Health 

What we know about the universe is that we only get one life. We’re here for around eighty to ninety years (maybe more if we’re lucky) and then that’s it. You’ve got to make sure you comfortable reach that number, and that the journey along the way is smooth. The idea is to work with a little stress and physical harm as possible and retire happily in Beverly Hills or something gorgeous like that, right? Well, investing in health insurance could be make or break for you in this life. It may come across as a monthly burden rearing its ugly face on your bank transactions, but one day may come where it’s absolutely needed. You never know what might be around the corner – an insurance company covering you at the worst of times might be the best thing that can happen to you.  

Another way in which your health would be benefited through what you spend is in relation to the food you eat. As a collective society, we’re not the most educated on how to structure and maintain and fabulous diet that’ll keep the ticker going for a long time. Spending your money on all of the right foods instead of processed and fast foods will skyrocket your life magnificently, however. 

Finally, throwing money at schemes that offer you results in a matter of weeks is something we all know is a bad move. Anything that ever produces great results always has time and work attached to it. Working with professionals that know what they’re doing will benefit you hugely. Whether it’s a nutritionist or personal trainer, expert guidance is a sure-fire way of getting what you’re after.

Your Work 

We said it before: you can’t expect to hit the heights you’ve always imagine with spending a little on it. Everyone has had a vision before about owning a business of their own, and in order to get things moving, you need to dip into your own funds. A small firm that isn’t committed doesn’t ever get anywhere. Sometimes, if you want that wonderful ROI, you need to take the plunge.  

There are so many ways you can spend money to earn money. Investing in something like real estate is a great way of bringing in money passively and actively. Working on homes and reselling them at a higher price is something you could do if you’re willing to put in the effort. You’re bound to make outrageously large passive income if you were to buy and let out architectural luxury homes in los angeles or something of that ilk. People will always need homes, so the demand isn’t going anywhere.  


If you’re okay with staying exactly where you are for your entire life, then that’s okay. But I’m not sure that’s something you’d like to do. Nobody wants to sit, bored, in the same town or city for decades. Branching out and getting to know this world that we occupy is in our nature – we are hunters, gatherers, and travelers, after all. In order to reach newer (maybe greener) pastures, you need to set aside some money that would then be utilized accordingly. 

Life isn’t just about the serious stuff, though. We all need that relaxation time or that exploration time. Work is what makes our society function, but batteries need to be recharged, and R&R is a necessity; otherwise, we’ll all go loopy. The life you’ve pictured involves hitting vacation spots that are in your wildest fantasies; you’ve got to chuck some money at flights and wonderful accommodation once in a while to make that dream a reality. Like with anything, vacations can have their hiccups. Doing the smart thing and investing in some travel insurance would be smart. It would keep you feeling clear mentally too. 

Your Family

Your flesh and blood and probably the reason you do all of the things you do. When you have those you love around you, it makes everything worthwhile. So why wouldn’t you prioritize them over everything else? We talked about your own health care, but when it comes to your loved ones, all of that becomes obsolete. 

Your family home is something that means more to you than most. It’s more than just four walls and a roof. Dipping into your purse and creating the perfect family home is something we’d all like to do. Create that forever home that we all crave.  

Your kids and their futures are probably the things you care about most in this world. They’re going to need to have a clear road ahead of them if they’re to achieve. Their education is of paramount importance, so if you want what’s best for them, setting aside a college fund or something similar would be an excellent idea.

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Tribeca Select The Elite New Lifestyle Program

Tribeca Select, a new program customized exclusively for 30 Warren residents that brings the best of Tribeca inside the boutique condominium’s amenity spaces and right to the residents' front doors. Designed by developer Cape Advisors, Tribeca Select calls on neighborhood favorites like Yoga Shanti and local personalities like acclaimed sommelier Paul Grieco to provide residents with unique in-home services, authentic experiences as well as priority access to the community’s most renowned retailers, restaurants and institutions.

The program introduces a hassle-free lifestyle in Tribeca where consulting with a top sommelier, taking classes with a renowned yoga instructor or even hiring a top professional for piano lessons is at one’s fingertips.

The program includes such necessities as.

  • Sommelier and wine services: Resident Sommelier and Founder of Terroir Tribeca Paul Grieco offers 30 Warren residents an array of services from hosting private wine tastings to offering advice on wine collecting, food pairing and auction participation. Residents can enjoy VIP reservation status at Terroir as well as in-home catering.

  • Wine collecting and cellar storage: Chambers Street Wines, specialists in naturally made and rare wines from the Loire, Piedmont, the Rhône, Burgundy, Champagne, Spain, Germany and the United States, offers 30 Warren residents access to its unique selection and provides convenient, temperature-controlled wine storage service.

  • Yoga and wellness: Yoga Shanti provides residents with a wide range of yoga and meditation classes at all levels for adults and children. Perks include discounted pricing, priority reservation status for classes at the studio’s Tribeca location, plus access to private lessons in one’s home or in 30 Warren’s yoga studio.

  • Creative classes for all ages: Church Street School for Music and Art offers an extensive curriculum for all ages. Its acclaimed faculty is available for customized art and musical instrument lessons and experiences in one’s home, at the school or in the 30 Warren children’s movement studio.

  • Dog walking and pet services – Poochi NYC offers 30 Warren residents discounted pricing for pet concierge services, designed to meet the need and goals of every pet. Services include daily private and semi-private walks, overnight stays, grooming appointments, veterinarian visits and training sessions.

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Why Oil Is Your Friend This Summer

While during the summer the last thing you may want is more oil, on your body but as studies have shown oil in the summer won't make you break out like when you were a teen. While we all want that dewy look, many are going for anything to make us look matte, while we may melt running inbetween meetings. What we've learned is that as long as you nourish your skin and use a lighter oil than you would in the winter you'll be glowing through fall.

Ahead, are our favorite oils for summer.

Start with a cleanser from AMOREPACIFIC this effectively cleanses the skin without depleting the skin's own protective barrier. This can be used a makeup remover as well, as it transforms into a silky emulsion when water is added, rinsing perfectly clean with no oil residue. Reviews have said it's ". The luxurious quality and scent make me feel like I'm at the spa."

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Precious Oil SPF 15 - A luxurious, soothing and nurturing oil with sheer SPF 15 sunscreen, one of the first of its kind. Cutting-edge plant biotechnology isolates and replicates the perfect rose stem cells for maximum anti-age repair. A precious bouquet of six rose stem cells and six rose extracts are blended with natural oils to help repair and prevent the signs of aging while nourishing, soothing and calming skin. Sheer, broad-spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen helps protect from UVA and UVB damage. Absorbs quickly, imparts a radiant glow and leaves skin silky soft, smooth and youthful-looking.

Moroccan Elixir is a beauty company that carries handmade organic argan oil and cactus oil from Essaouira, Morocco. The elixir that uses Vitamin E forms a protective layer insulating your skin and hair from thermal heat produced by the sun. By protecting skin and hair, you can help prevent wrinkles, sagging skin, and hair breakage for both men and women. Theargan oil is non-greasy and does not clog up pores. Instead of packing countless beauty products, Argan Oil is a powerhouse product that fights multiple signs of aging, moisturizes every skin type, and is a wonderful face primer for makeup. It’s great for men as well who need a little TLC for their beards!

Afraid of age? So are we, that's why we use Merle Norman Anti-Aging Complex Emulsion Dry Oil Serum. Perfect for hot and humid summer weather, this ultra -lightweight, silky dry oil serum blends beautifully onto skin and begins absorbing on contact. Because of its dry oil texture, there is no greasy residue, making it ideal for those who have oily skin or are exposed to the humidity. It provides immediate hydration for a radiant glow as well as long-term hydration by increasing or decreasing the number of drops you use based on your skin’s hydration level each day, this anti-aging serum will help improve skin texture, firmness, elasticity and suppleness.


Making Your Modern Apartment Homely


Modern apartments are great, often built in city centres or other fantastic locations, they are spacious and made with everything you need. However, the one thing they are often lacking is the personal touch, and the cosy, homely feel that you need from a home. Quite often these modern apartments all look the same, the wooden or tiled floors, the white walls, grey kitchen cabinets...you get the idea. For some people who don't want to bother with decorating or doing any DIY then this is perfect and for some, it is the reason they went with a modern flat in the first place to avoid having to do this to an older house. For others though, the location is, and they still want to put their stamp on their place, so here are a few tips on how you can make your home unique and homely:

Start With The Walls

Depending on how many rooms you have will depend on if you want the same colour throughout your flat. If you have the space, then treat every room as a separate room just as you would with a house. If it's smaller, then you might want to stick to neutral walls throughout and personalise in other ways. Also, try a feature wall, perhaps all the other walls could be one colour and then one with some exotic wallpaper. Decide on your colour schemes first and add some colour into that apartment to get started. Next, for the walls, they need pictures, either photos or artwork or posters - this really adds the personal touch as well as brightens up those walls and adds character to your home. Get a good variety of different items for the walls, various sizes, colours, different frames and be adventurous with how you place them on the walls.

Invest In Quality Curtains

Long, thick curtains add real luxury to a room and if you get decent quality ones, even custom-made in a beautiful fabric, this will really add to the personality of the place as well as adding comfort and warmth to the apartment.

Change The Doors

You'll be surprised how much of a difference this makes as you might not even notice doors. However, get some new ones, and your flat won't look like anyone else's anymore.

Get A Headboard

Just like the luxury curtains, an upholstered headboard can add another level of comfort and luxury to your home. It will make your bed look completely different and again will give it a unique look that no one else has.

DIY The Bathroom

Okay, you don't actually have to Do It Yourself, you can get the experts in if you aren't a professional builder or plumber, but getting your bathroom redone and personalised just for you is a winner. Bathrooms are a personal place, you might just need more storage space, or you might hate storage space, and your idea of the perfect bathroom is having little baskets on a shelf or having minimal products in it. Do it your way, get the colours right, the layout and make it your own.

Fluff Up Your Floors

Get some beautiful rugs down. Again the better the quality, the more luxurious they will be and will make your home more cosy. When you have hard floors then having something fluffy to walk over on your bare feet is ideal as well as that it just makes the apartment look better and homely, adding warmth and colour where you really need it. Plus, it's far cheaper than getting a carpet fitted, and there are some fabulous designs available too.

Buy Second Hand

Buying vintage, antiques or second-hand is a great way to get some unique furniture in your house so that you don't end up with the same apartment as everyone else filled with the same IKEA furniture that everyone else has. Try antique fairs and car boot sales as well as looking online for some interesting pieces of art, a beautiful chair or lamp.

Plant Plants

Make sure you add some greenery to your home. If you're in an apartment, it's unlikely you'll have a garden so bringing in some plants is really good for your health as well as makes the place look a lot smarter, greener, homelier and more personal

Inject Colour
In any way you can, the walls the curtains, the furniture - make sure you're bringing in colour to your home. The easiest and cheapest ways to do this is by getting colourful accessories such as cushions and throws which can also be swapped or changed as little or as often as you want if you get a little bored and want to change the colour scheme. 

Spending time on your home is very important, it is your home, and it is your nest, so make it yours. You spend a lot of time at home, and you need it to be somewhere that you want to be, not somewhere you dread going to or look at the four walls hating them. Also, if you are getting work done in your home and the professionals are in, perhaps it looks like a building site, then be careful of injury as it can be a dangerous and you don't want to find yourself injured or in a lawsuit. According to Shrager & Sachs, as the owner, you are supposed to keep the premises safe for the people that will be on the property. However, this could be compromised, and different insurance issues may override it, so just make sure you're careful but also consult a lawyer if you need to. 

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