Pantone Colors to Rock for Spring 2018

As one of the world’s capitals of fashion, New York has a bold tendency to set global trends that we’re all bound to see in the streets faster than you can say “vogue”. But apart from learning the latest designer know-how on maxi dresses, chic boho hairdos and undying love for glitter, how can you master the art of choosing your color palette for the upcoming spring season?

Our best friend and ally in this fashion department is none other than Pantone, so once again we turn to their intuition and analysis to enrich our style one shade at a time.

Baby-licious blue

All tones of blue will be the new black, but this particular boyish shade of innocence and clarity should permeate your entire wardrobe! Synonymous with tranquility and paradise-worthy waves, it’s a perfect tone to brighten up your spring days without being overly imposing, or demanding in terms of color combinations.

Due to its soft, pastel nature, you can mix it with equally soothing tones of creamy white, peach and cool chocolate brown, but you can also go in a completely different direction and try to blend it with something fiery, like crimson or bronze.

Lavender romance

If the baby blue is anything to go by, then this spring will be in all creamy shades that evoke a Zen mindset and a Mona Lisa smile. To that end, you can introduce the subtle shade of lavender, which can both be found in makeup and fashion trends of the season.

Lavender tights, pencil pants, and skirts are a perfect choice, while details such as hats, eyeshadow and nail polish can accompany this gentle look. Nude, beige, and white pieces combined with lavender give it a swirly whipped cream touch, but contrasting with navy and coal black can also work brilliantly well. And don’t forget denim – that’s where versatility abounds!

Think rich and limey

If the first thought that comes to your mind after you hear “lime” is Mike from Monster University, fear not, you’re not alone. Luckily for us, ingenious celebrities such as Marion Cotillard have shown us how we can sport this alien shade to perfection.

When tailored right, this slimy shade can become your go-to fun accent for any occasion – from your regular day at the office, to a fun evening with your besties. But since not all of us can pull of Marion’s graceful ensemble, you can test the lime waters by accessorizing with some toxic nail polish.

Power up with sailor blue

Wearing nautical stripes in deep blue and pearly white was the trendiest playful pattern a few years back. But today, pure navy blue is a classy, regal take on the old navy-inspired trend, and the sheer versatility of this shade provides with a plethora of wearing options – full blue suits, dresses, or just a hint of ink with a blue purse will do.

It’s perfectly simple to combine with brighter colors of your choice and still classic enough so that you can pull it off alone, whether in a form of a maxi dress or a pantsuit that has been one of the biggest style hits of the season.

Vintage green for a classy look

Also known as arcadia, this curious color has a uniquely Greek character, blending the azure undertones of the Aegean Sea and the delicate meadow green. As such, it can be tough to master, but as an accent shade, it can give a perfect color punch to your otherwise monotonous look.

Just like the predominantly blue mood of spring, this green gives an imaginative touch to any outfit, as it’s office-friendly when worn in moderation, and no less evening-appropriate, especially for less formal occasions.

Spice it up with cherry tomato

Some colors scream attention even when you wear them as the “cherry on the top” of your outfit. Such is one of Pantone’s absolute favorites for the season, known as the cherry tomato, and it’s a choice of the bravest fashion souls!

Due to its fiery, vibrant and vivacious nature, it’s an asset for an otherwise basic, monochromatic look, especially in the form of stylish scarves, umbrellas or bags, the likes of which you can find here.

Velvety purple

Just like floral patterns and dreamy cuts will be the epicenter of spring’s fashion vibe, this particular purple of crocus is an inspiration for sunny days. In essence, this shade will bring your style to a full bloom!

From fitness-inspired sporty tops to fuchsia-infused footsteps, alongside cherry tomato and lime, make this your favorite accent shade of the season’s street style, just like Area collection with their vibrant take on color-blocking with several dominant shades.