How to Create a Fitness Routine Like a Pro

How to Create a Fitness Routine Like a Pro

So, you’re wondering how the pros do it? How they stay so lean, able, and willing all year-round while building tons of muscle and gaining crazy amounts of strength in the process. Well, your quest is over, because we are going to give you the essential information you need in order to tailor your very own workout routine like a true pro.

No cutting corners here, these are tried and tested methods that have served bodybuilders, powerlifters and professional toners for decades, so whatever your fitness goals may be, these tips are bound to get you on the fast track to success. Here’s what you need to know.

Define your goals

A person without a destination is always lost. You need to set your goals, and set them clearly if you plan on making your fitness journey a success and creating a routine worthy of a pro. The first thing any successful athlete does is envision where they want to be. So where do you see yourself? Is the picture portraying someone who’s breaking strength plateaus left and right, or do you see a chiseled body worthy of admiration?

These are the important questions you need to answer in order to set a destination. Mind you, it’s absolutely possible to be aesthetic, strong, flexible, and fast at the same time, it only depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. This leads us to the next crucial step.

Combine strength and hypertrophy

How to Create a Fitness Routine Like a Pro

Let’s work with the assumption that you’re natural and that you don’t plan on using any performance enhancing drugs during the course of your fitness journey. As a drug-free athlete, whether your goal is to add muscle and burn fat, or increase strength, it’s imperative that you combine isolation and compound movements into your training.

Remember, a bigger muscle has a bigger potential to get stronger, so strength and hypertrophy training go hand in hand. Be sure to structure your workouts following a pyramid approach, meaning you will do your heaviest exercises at the beginning, and then move onto increasing your rep ranges and exercise selection for a specific muscle group. This will allow you to build muscle and strength at the same time.

Stay mobile and flexible

Regular physical exercise boasts a myriad of health benefits; however, if you overdo it without proper stretching and mobility, you are setting yourself up for an injury at some point in future. That’s why a well-structured program incorporates flexibility and mobility drills in the mix.

Don’t worry, mobility is not time-consuming, just devote ten minutes before and after your workout to foam rolling and joint mobility and you’re all set.

Don’t skip conditioning

How to Create a Fitness Routine Like a Pro

Traditional cardio training might not be that useful for burning fat or increasing your cardiovascular endurance, but conditioning sure is. Conditioning is like cardio, but on steroids. It actually helps you burn fat and increase your endurance by using non-conventional exercises such as carrying heavy objects, jumping with weighted vests, doing pullup-burpee combinations and much more.

You want to make this one of the key elements in your training week, whether you devote another twenty minutes to conditioning after your main workout, or if you do it on your off days. This is a lot of work you’re going to be doing throughout the week, so make sure you stay safe, warm, and dry by working out in quality gym gear that is functional and breathable at the same time. Remember, safety first.

Nutrition and rest will be crucial

Now that you know how to structure your heavy and light work, and supplement it with conditioning for maximum fat burn and muscle gain, you need to tailor your nutrition plan and enforce a healthy sleep schedule. You can’t outrun or outperform a bad diet or a messed up circadian rhythm, so If you want to see results, whether in the form of a six-pack or a new PR, you want to eat right and sleep like a baby.

Be sure to stick to a healthy diet plan entailing proteins, healthy fats and carbs, all wrapped up tightly in a daily caloric intake regime. You can calculate your calories and macros easily, but make sure you diversify your food sources to get as many vitamins and minerals in as possible, as they will be crucial for recovery.

Add a healthy sleeping cycle of at least seven hours per night on top of your plan and you’re all set! There are no big secrets to Hollywood physiques, it’s all about the crucial elements outlined above, so make sure you incorporate these steps into your fitness program and you will step on the fast track to getting in the best shape o