5 Fitness Tips for Men in Their 30s

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As we grow older, we have to pay attention to many things to keep ourselves healthy. We have to care about our diet, alcohol intake, sleep, and of course – exercising. At that age, people are starting to have families and balancing business and private, family lives is not an easy feat. You drive your kids to school and you surely want to devote some hours to them when you get back from work. Try to wedge some fitness time in that busy schedule and to also make it count! Here’s what you can do to get the best out of your exercises and also save some of your valuable time.

Consult a doctor about your lifestyle habits

Why is this important and how is it related to fitness? Well, some lifestyle habits can cause health problems. This is especially true of substance abuse – like alcohol and tobacco, to name but two. When your doctor monitors your body mass index, they can determine your chance of developing some diseases. You should come up with a fitness plan with that analysis in mind in order to prevent obesity and heart disease. Fitness should help you stay healthy, not just get fit, so use this chance to ask your doctor how to combine that with your eating habits to maximize the effects.

Don’t neglect stretching

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We spend a lot of time sitting at work and at home, so our body gets stiff. Even if we work out, our range of motion decreases over time and we usually don’t pay much attention to it. Stretching before the workout reduces stiffness and increases range of movement during exercising. It is also important to stretch to avoid muscle injuries, as tight muscles are prone to that. Flexibility also improves your posture and it helps you relax and release tension. If you have some spare time, consider taking a yoga class; if not, you can just do some exercises at home, or even at work.

Should I lift weights in my 30s?

There are many age-related health issues we are anxious about. Some of them are changes in our articular cartilage, which can lead to joint injuries and diseases, as healthy cartilage in our joints makes it easier for us to move. Weightlifting seems like a daunting task to a lot of people, but there are exercises with a wide range of movement which train our joints, so it’s worth giving it a try! Although, you should decrease training volume as you get older by removing single-joint exercises to minimize joint stress and fatigue. Weightlifting also helps you recover your testosterone levels which begin to drop at this age, which, among other things, affects your muscle mass and bone strength.

Prevent age-related muscle loss

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The decrease in testosterone levels affects the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis to protein, insulin, exercise, and amino acid, which contributes to the decline in muscle mass. The key regulator is daily nutrient intake, and in case you’re too busy to spend hours shopping at markets, you can buy good nutritional supplements online. This is especially important if you’re on a calorie-restricted diet, as it will help you catch up on nutrients while still losing weight.

Exercise before going to bed

Getting enough sleep is really important to let your body rest, so it would be ready to get you through the day tomorrow. Consider doing some simple weightlifting moves about 30 minutes before going to bed, as it can increase your resting metabolic rate for some hours after the exercise. Also, when we sleep we produce growth hormone which helps us build muscle. So, good quality sleep lets the muscles you worked on during the day repair and build up when you’re asleep. Adequate sleep will also motivate you to stick to your exercise plans the next day.

Time management in our 30s is essential to our accomplishments and happiness, and there are alternatives if you can’t spend much time at the gym or yoga class. Try working out at home, there are plenty of calisthenic exercises which require no equipment and you can still build some muscles. You can also do yoga at home, or try some meditation exercises. It will help you relax and improve your posture and flexibility. Invite your family to join you, as you can spend some time with them while also working out.

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