I Tried The Obé Workout For Four Days And This Is What I Thought About It.

After countless times of making plans to go to the gym and those plans falling through, I knew I needed some other type of motivational factor that would push me to exercise.

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As a busy millennial, my days consist of going to class, meetings, work, and then coming home and spending copious amounts of time completing homework or studying for exams. Because I never make it to the gym, I thought at-home workouts might be the right option for me. After some research, the Obé  (pronounced “obey”) workout program stuck out to me, as it was different than most of the others offered. Here are some quick facts about Obé.

  1. Obé was created by Mark Mullet and Ashley Mills. It was inspired by Mark and Ashley’s mothers with their fun, colorful, upbeat at-home workouts from the 1980’s

  2. Obé is an acronym for Our Body Electric, and a command to listen to the voice within

  3. Obé classes are streamed LIVE, not “live to tape”, but live because they believe that accountability and community are the keys to sticking with a program

  4. The classes only take place in the morning because studies show that working out in the morning increase productivity and energy levels throughout the day

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Obé offers a one-week free trial, so I decided to sign up and try it for a couple of days. The first day I was ready and excited. I really enjoyed that the classes were live because that gave me much more motivation to wake up and do the class. They offer a series of classes that you can pick from and different times as well. Once the class started, I was honestly surprised by how it felt like a real class. Because I knew it was happening in real time, I felt a needed to try harder and push myself.

What I also enjoyed about the class was that the signature classes are only 28 minutes long. This was great for me because with my busy schedule I could get quick workouts in. They also do offer longer classes for those who would like to do a traditional hour-long workout. I also really liked how there is no equipment needed. In many at-home workouts, additional materials are needed, but you only need yourself for Obé, which I thought was really easy and convenient.

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Overall, I did enjoy the workouts. By the fourth day, I did find it difficult to have to get up every morning to complete the workouts. I would like a little more flexibility with the times because I know it will not always work with my schedule. However, I still do recommend this workout program for those who are too busy or know they will not make it to the gym but are still looking for an exercise routine.    

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