5 Sweet, Low-Calorie Swaps to Save Your Summer Figure

Kara Schlotthauer

Your sweet tooth isn’t falling out any time soon, so you may as well embrace it with as few calories as you can! The summer is best spent with a sweet treat near the beach, but bonus points if you can skip the weight of sugar-heavy guilt! With these healthier alternative dessert recipes, a not-so-sugary indulgence will let you reach for juuuuust one more!

Instead of ice cream…

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try this Nutella Frozen Yogurt!

Chocolatey, hazel-nutty, creamy goodness awaits you with this 108-calorie dessert! Complete with a healthy nutella recipe, nutella frozen yogurt is the perfect substitute to the sugar-packed ice cream in stores. Make a batch for the whole family or keep this secret to yourself, but you’ll definitely be keeping a container of this treat to cool you down in the heat of the summer.

Instead of pie…

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try this Healthy Peach Pie!

This recipe creates little mason jar pies that are almost too cute to eat! If your summer sweet tooth is begging for fruity satisfaction, peaches are the way to go! A typical hearty slice of peach pie can take up about 400 of your daily calories, but this pie swaps the loads of refined sugar for a couple of tablespoons of coconut sugar and the cornstarch for power-packed chia seeds. Nothing says summer like fresh peach pie, and now you can dig in without watching the calories build up.

Instead of candy bars…

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try these Quinoa Almond Joy Bars!

Ditch the candied guilt for something just as tasty! Keep these mini bars on hand for a healthy dessert or afternoon snack. Their small size and calorie count doesn’t do justice to the flavorful crunch of every bite. Completely void of refined sugars, this recipe uses whole dates to sweeten the bars, giving you every reason to make batch after batch.

Instead of cheesecake or popsicles…

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try these Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles!

Why not throw together two summer favorites, all in one sweet treat! These popsicles promise to bring the same flavor as a slice of cheesecake, while only using half the calories. It may sound too good to be true until you try them! Refresh and recharge from a day by the poolside with a popsicle, just like the good old days.

Instead of brownies…

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try these Secretly Healthy 87-Calorie Brownies!

The secret to this secretly healthy recipe? Zucchini! You’ll be throwing out your go-to brownie recipe for this one when you try it, and your kids will never have to know. Your stomach will be giving you brownie points for this healthy rendition of a classic decadence.

You can listen to your sweet tooth while still keeping that summer body! Test out these recipes to find your favorite way to sweeten up your summer, with less of the added sugar

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