Chocolates and Champagne For Easter, what could be better?

Recently, Chantelle Pabros (Top Sommelier) and Jacques Torres (Top Chocolatier) sat down to hammer out their favorite Champagne Taittinger and chocolate pairings for the upcoming Easter season, because who whats better than luxury champagne and chocolate. Sorry Easter Eggs. Easter is approaching and there isn't a better sweet surprise than Champagne and chocolate.

Often times, people will go for a supple red wine when pairing, but depending on the chocolate, it can leave the wine tasting flat or even bitter on the palate. Cocoa butter is the naturally occurring fat which gives chocolate the silky texture and scrumptious melt in your mouth feel that we know and love. And Champagne is actually one of the best pairings to balance out that silky richness, especially when there is a secondary flavor (peanut butter, coconut, marshmallow, etc.) to lift the finish to a next level pairing...

With the combining Chantelle and Jacques expertise they have given us our favorite combinations to add for this years Easter Brunch.

JT Peanut Butter Marshmallow Lollipop + Champagne Taittinger Brut La Française NV ($59.99)

The high proportion of Chardonnay brings a stone fruit aroma of white peach, and a broad rich note of brioche- that combination of aromatics and acidity match the gooey layer of peanut butter that covers the fluffy marshmallow. Meanwhile, the creamy airy fluffiness of the marshmallow allows for the mousse of the Champagne to take center stage. The bubbles of the Brut La Francaise are so pronounced, you can feel them popping away on your palate! There is such a whimsical, fun familiarity about this, it is registered in everyone’s memory bank of scents and smells. Whether you know them as Peeps or chocolate covered marshmallows- I am head over heels for this pairing for Easter. Combination of peanut butter, marshmallow, and chocolate has never been more delectable!

Champagne Taittinger Cork + Champagne Taittinger Brut La Française NV ($59.99)

The butter and milk is replaced by BLF Champagne in the process of making this gem, and you taste the concentration and complexity that the Champagne adds to this divine bon bon. The milk chocolate shell can stand up to the BLF because the Champagne has the right amount of density in the mid palate and vibrant fruits that remains persistent on the palate as the chocolate melts in your mouth.

While a casserole may be nice to bring this Easter, show some class and bring decadent chocolates and a bottle of Taittinger, one offerieng that won't be forgotten. For more of Jaque Torres chocolates you can head over to MrChocolate for all of your chocolate needs.