What Is The MyMark App And Why You Should You Use It

Sadia Rahman

Technology has become the forefront in today’s world. It just became easier to work out and keep track of your health in all aspects you can think of. A great new way to monitor your health with the help of registered doctors. The new app MyMark is currently in its beta stage but is offering advanced biomarker data to transform your health and optimize your performance.

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What is it?

This App allows you to control your athletic performance. Receive simple, beautiful, and actionable biomarker data in the palm of your hand where you can also take action based on expert feedback and earn rewards for making progress towards your action plan. With this you can enhance your performance with an evolving blueprint of your health that deepens with each recurring test.

How does it work?

●      This app provides an online service where you can order a product either online or by telephone. You can send by mail an at home fluid sample kit that can either be blood, saliva, urine, vaginal swab, fecal matter, etc.) that will be sent back to us or directly to a laboratory by the customer.

●      With this, the lab will send back comprehensive results that are also checked by a registered doctor. To activate you acknowledge and agree that in order to make use of the services you must follow the procedure and to remember that when you receive the sample kit you must register the kit to your personal account.

●      The kit that is received is valid for six months from the date they post the testing kit.

There is also a small medical questionnaire in order to effectively provide the product.

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