Inside Williamsburg Newest Development House 94

Marvel Architects has just unveiled it’s newest building House 94, a 80,000SF residential housing development with spaces for play and engagement built in, creating a unique community of it's own within the heart of Williamsburg. 

Aaron Thompson-House 94-180626-01-with people.jpg

The large complex (spanning from North 3rd to North 4th St) is comprised of 2 structures connected by a courtyard garden that's complete with colorful outdoor furniture, ping pong table and hammocks.

Off The MRKT

The building was designed with large industrial proportions that reflect the historic fabric of the neighborhood’s working past. With 70 units (inclusionary 80/20), the upper floor units are arranged in a checkerboard pattern to maximize a 50% dormer rule and allow for private terraces for some.

The two landscaped rooftops are programmed with community gardens that provide sweeping vistas of the city. The building also sports an interactive game room off the courtyard, inviting tenants to co-live.

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