The Real Estate Apps You Should Be Using

To say there are a lot of real estate apps, is an understatement. There are thousands, and functionally they are all essentially identical. Since you can’t really trust an app developer to not just pay people to put 5 star reviews on their apps, we here at Off the MRKT have downloaded and tested some of the most popular apps. We will go over what they offer that is unique, and what they offer that is standard, so that you can choose the real estate app that works best for you.


Our Favorite: Zillow

Rated the #1 real estate app on the google play store is the Zillow app. It comes with the full suite of services that you would expect from just about any real estate app. Some of these include the ability to compare and save listings that interest you, the ability to filter listings by price or keywords, and the ability to search for listings based on your actual location or by selections drawn on a map. However what sets Zillow apart, and in my opinion helped earn it that #1 slot, is its 1 million or more exclusive listings that don’t appear on the Multiple Listing Service.

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The experience of finding a listing on Zillow that didn’t appear on the competitors is amazing, and those hidden gems could mean the difference between finding the perfect home and settling for second best. Another advantage of the Zillow app is that it offers video walkthroughs of a good number of listings, which offers potential buyers a better idea of what to expect before they walk in the front door. To round out their unique services Zillow will match you with local lenders which can allow you to become pre-approved for a mortgage, and offers a number of mortgage calculations including estimated monthly payments.

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Runner Up: Realtor.Com

Rated the #4 real estate app on the google play store the app is in my honest opinion a bit underrated. It offers a number of very cool tricks that, while not exactly the most useful, definitely make it the most interesting app the use. Boasting the ability to point your camera at a building and see its listing pop up via augmented reality is a major selling point for

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However it’s pretty draining on the battery do run that function, and it is only really helpful if you’re already out and about looking at homes, or if you see a house that you simply must know about. In the same vein as its augmented reality function, the Realtor app also can give you instant listing details simply by taking a picture of that listings for sale sign. The app also offers the largest number of listings out of any real estate app, however these all come from the Multiple Listing Service, and could be found on any other real estate app on the market.

Just Because It Is Third Place Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Use It: Trulia Real Estate & Rentals

Rated the #6 real estate app Trulia Real Estate & Rentals is a very practical choice, it doesn’t offer the shiny toys of, or the unique listings of Zillow, but functionally it gives you the most comprehensive picture of a listing. Yes what sets Trulia apart from other real estate applications is the amount of information it offers on a location, beyond the general listing details that is.

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The most obvious form of this is the neighborhood details Trulia gives, including crime rates superimposed over town maps, as well as recent crimes and arrests. Seriously no one wants to move into a house only to find out from the neighbor that last month a crack den was busted down the street. On a lighter note Trulia also offers information on local restaurants, stores, music venues, and clubs, meaning you’ll be able to get a feel for the area before you buy.

Finally a bit of advice on using any real estate app, because they all offer notification services, do not use the notification services. I don’t know about you but I get a lot of different notification on my phone as is, last thing I want is to have Zillow blowing up my phon