Fall Color Trends To Give New Life To Your Room

As we head into fall, a new wave of men’s room designs are ready to be welcomed. The cleverly named “man caves” have made a comeback in recent years, as many find that they are the perfect place to relax and crack open a cold beer, or finish a presentation due the next day.

Whether you're moving into a new home or trying to sell your latest listing, having an on-demand color scheme will instantly give life to a room. Provided to us by the experts at Paintzen, the on-demand painting company that’s taken the market by storm with their 48-hour turnaround, here are a few insights into what’s hip this season.

Hale Navy- The dark blue color is sure to become a staple in man caves across America. It’s non-intrusive tone makes it the perfect backdrop for some framed jerseys or pictures, while still filling the walls.

Tarrytown Green- The increasingly popular jewel tone is perfect for men that want to use their room as an office space. The soothing color complements nearly any piece of furniture, which is sure to leave you with a high end, low budget look.

Color Trends To Give New Life To Your Room

Kendall Charcoal- This grey tone is truly one of the more versalite paints available on the market. It works perfectly in man caves when accented with white and offices with brown. The darkness of the color leaves the room with a comfortable but still modern feel.

Happy designing!

P.S. Here are a few tips from our friends at Paintzen:

  • In rooms with crown moldings and baseboards, we are seeing these fresh hues paired with white baseboards and crown moldings, engendering a classic look.
  • For a more modern take baseboards and crown moldings are being done monochromatically to coordinate with the walls.
  • We are further seeing clients modifying their trim from simply stained (wood color traditionally) to either of the above as an easy way to make a room feel almost instantly updated.
  • Most commonly it is semi-gloss finish for trim, walls in eggshell or flat and flat for ceiling.
Fall Color Trends To Give New Life To Your Room