A Lobby To Welcome You Home

The list of what to look out for during an apartment hunt can seem never ending. You probably attend each viewing with reams of paper reminding you about things like location and the quality of the view. The more bases you cover, the less chance there is of landing in an imperfect living situation, right?

But, despite a world of preparation, many of us forget to consider one crucial thing; the entrance lobby. It wouldn’t even cross many of our minds to spare this a thought. You aren’t buying the lobby, after all. Surely the apartment should be more important?

When you break it down, though, that lobby is the first thing you’ll see when you arrive home. It’s the first impression your guests will form of where you live. Hence why many landlords go all out by investing in expensive floor tiles, and even contacting aluminum canopy manufacturers to provide an entrance to come home to. The grander the entrance, the better the prospects. With that in mind, you may want to start your next viewing appraisal before entering the potential apartment. For proof of things to look out for, consider the prowess of these top New York lobbies.

The Galleria, 117 East 57th Street

From the moment you set eyes on The Galleria, it’s clear to see that this complex has something to shout about. This entrance canopy ticks all the boxes. Things only improve as you get closer, and spot the iconic swooping glass entrance. Without needing to set foot in the building, it’s clear these apartments come complete with dreamy contemporary designs. What more could a property hunter ask for?

The Osborne, 205 West 57th Street

Many would argue The Osborne has the best lobby in the city, and it’s difficult to disagree. Built back in 1885, this couldn’t be further from the modern glitz you’ll find at the Galleria. Instead, this lobby will put you in mind of a stately manner. The gilded ceiling is only the tip of this lobby iceberg. You also have brownstone walls and traditional paintings galore. You could go as far as to say this is the dream apartment block for fans of Downton Abbey.

River House, 435 East 52nd Street

Of course, New York’s most impressive apartment building had to find its place onto this list at some stage. A pillared stone gate leads you into this beautiful lobby, complete with gardens and river views. The highlight, though, is the cloakrooms which you’ll find there for all your party needs.

The Plaza


Whether you recognize it for its iconic appearance in Home Alone 2, or because you’ve marveled at it many times; The Plaza also deserves a look-in. The lobby for this apartment complex is about as grand as you would imagine. Again, the entrance brings to mind a stately manner house. This image is only furthered by the iconic chandelier you’ll fail to miss when you walk in. How does that sound for impressing anyone you bring home?


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Festive Finds To Dress Up Your Next Open House

By Shaunna Redman

Make your open house the talk of the town this fall. These must have items from Wayfair and Anthropologie will help you stand out against other homes and allow you to feel festive. Liven up your open house this fall with these must have items.


This Brass Wine Rack from Anthropologie is the perfect piece to add to your kitchen for your fall open house. It will show potential residents how great your space will be to host a get together. The color is perfect for fall as it corresponds with golden apples and the golden leaves. Add some bottles of red wine and sparkling wine to the rack to add to your fall flair.


 This Striped Glass Pumpkin from Wayfair will turn any of your rooms festive. The pumpkin is completely handmade using mouth blown glass. The orange and brown colors combined throughout the pumpkin bring the feeling of fall inside.


Consider adding these Recycled Table Vases from Wayfair to your home to bring the rustic feel of fall indoors. Not only does these vases allow you to add your own personal fall flair, they will also help you brighten up the space where you have them placed.

This Tufted Patricia Curtain from Anthropologie offers a small touch of fall for those who don’t want to go very big. The curtains in ochre offer deep red and orange dots against a white background to offer a modern and chic look for your room. These curtains are perfect to show potential residents how homely your house is.


Bring the feeling of the beautiful outdoors indoors with this Willow Leaf Semi Flush Mount from Anthropologie. This light fixture will give you the ultimate fall feeling with the addition of making your room brighter.


Dress up your sofa with this Sarepta Beaded Pumpkin Cotton Throw Pillow from Wayfair. Not only will this pillow provide you the festive feel fall has to offer, it will also provide you the comfort you’re looking for.


Add the smell of fall to your house with these Mini Capri Blue Jar Candle from Anthropologie. The scents include pumpkin clove or spiced cider. The candles come in a decorative jar that will further add warmth to your living space.

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Brighten Up Your Life By Brightening Up Your Interior

Adding a pop of color to any room can drastically improve your mood. If you often find yourself stressed or upset while at home, you may want to consider a few minor retouches to your interior design that will make a huge overall difference in your attitude.


Choosing a color

Depending on how you’re feeling most of the time when you get home should help determine what color choice to go with. Cool colors, such as blues, greens and violets, promote peace which would help you feel better after a stressful day of work. On the other hand, warm colors, such as reds, pinks, yellows and oranges, promote cheerfulness which would be helpful if you find yourself feeling upset after returning home. With the cool colors, try to pick a bright shade as the darker shades could bring your mood down instead of giving you the feeling of tranquility. As for the warm colors, find a shade that isn’t overpowering to you as the warm colors can become an eye sore when you look at them constantly.

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Implementing your color choice

Look around the rooms you spend the most time in and make note of the spaces that make you feel less at ease or indifferent. If there are windows in the space, try putting up curtains or a valance that match the color you chose to go with. Letting in some sunlight every now and then can also help improve your mood in the space.

Other options include painting a simple pattern in your chosen color on one of the walls in the rooms you frequent, or finding simplistic wall stickers to put up. The latter is a good option if you live in a residence that doesn’t allow painting. You could also add some decorative pillows in the color of your choice to the space to add an additional level of comfort. Lastly, if you have a lamp that uses a standard lamp shade, you could find a lampshade that goes with your color choice to continue to brighten up your room and your mood.

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Creating a Relaxing Home Space

It might be too late for a spring cleaning, but it’s never too late to change around a cluttered home office or turn that unused guest room into place for guests and family members alike to relax and enjoy themselves in.

Photo via  @archdigest

Photo via @archdigest

The first thing to consider when making changes to a spare room is what activities you would want to make more space for. Be it a yoga mat in the corner of the room or an inflatable bounce house, make a list of everything you enjoy doing indoors (and outdoors) and don’t take yourself too seriously! Many interior designers say that a spare room is the best place to experiment, and that secondary rooms often work better when they have a separate identity from the rest of the home. So splurge a little on some bold paint colors and patterns from your local Home Depot and make a day of it!

Another great feature of a spare room, whether in a house or an apartment, is the ability to give it multiple functions. Buy some room dividers to section off the area, or just leave it open! If you’re into feng shui, now might be the time to evaluate your options for an optimal energy flow.

Decluttering a space is one of the most obvious home improvements. Storage under the bed and fold-out furniture are only the start; they can save a lot of space, but how do you decorate that space?

Luxury designer Jenni Kayne and Tappan have a recent collection that would be perfect for revamping your personal space. These two limited edition prints are ethereal and peaceful, giving you all the bliss you need this summer. These exclusive limited edition prints are available in three sizes for purchase at JenniKayne.com and TappanCollective.com.

Marc Gabor’s works for Jenni Kayne x Tappan are a part of a series of emotive photographs taken over the past three years throughout his various trips across America and Mexico. His photographs include images from the national parks of California, to the ancient ruins of Oaxaca. The works in the collection curated by Tappan for Jenni Kayne include a photograph taken in the Hudson Valley, NY and Emma Wood, California.

Whether you decide to redecorate your living room, or convert your shed into an art studio, the Jenni Kayne x Tappan collection will add a remarkable touch of worldliness that is sure to spice up your personal space and garner interest from your guests. You don’t have to be Bobby Berk from the Fab Five to create some captivating room transformations for your friends and family to appreciate.

“When people are happy in their space, it really spills out to the rest of their lives,” Bobby said in an interview about the difference design can make in a person’s day-to-day life. In Netflix’s Queer Eye, Bobby is the brain and muscle power behind every home transformation. In addition to undergoing wardrobe, hair, and diet makeovers, his clients most importantly transform internally into the best versions of themselves. Interior design is a great tool to achieve that peace of mind and sense of fulfillment, according to Bobby.

“One of the things that Bobby Camp [from Episode 5] said was, ‘When I would come home every day, and see that this house is a disaster, it would remind me, every single day, that I was not enough.’ But now, coming home to this space that is livable and organized, he’s like, ‘the stress has been lifted off. And I can move forward now.’”

So if you have the gut instinct that maybe it’s time to do something about the storage room upstairs that everyone knows to avoid, follow it.

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