How to Decorate with Art like a Professional

There’s no better way to elevate potential buyers’ perception of your home than through art. Whether you’re a fan of soft watercolor paintings or bold pop art, artwork is the perfect way to inject personality into your home. Picking out stunning pieces of art is a breeze, but incorporating them into your décor can be tough. With these tips on how to decorate with art, you can make the process simple and create the perfect style for staging your home.

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Think outside the box

Who says that art can only go on a blank wall? Think outside the box when it comes to where in your home you’ll hang your art. Having artwork trail along a staircase will give the space dimension, and hanging a fun piece in the pantry can turn a functional space into a stylish one.

Visualize the placement

When it comes to decorating with art, so much of it is simply about planning. This advice may sound silly, but if you don’t know where to place each of your paintings, simply cut out pieces of paper the same size as your artwork. That way, you can arrange the pieces of paper on your wall to get a feel for how everything will line up.

Invest in custom frames

When it comes to displaying your art, having quality frames is of the utmost importance. To truly bring out all your art has to offer, opt for custom frames. Closed-corner frames are the best option, as they blend seamlessly into the artwork and disguise any joins. The frames can be hand-carved, painted, or stained in whichever way fits the art, giving the piece as a whole a totally custom and luxurious look.

Mix frame styles

Speaking of frames: don’t sacrifice style in the name of conformity. Using the same frame styles is a safe way to go, but for something more outside the box, mix several styles of frames. By offsetting a mostly modern set with something ornate and old-fashioned, you can bring life and variety into your home décor.

Collect pieces over time

Immediately filling your house with art can be tempting, but try to resist the urge. The best art collections are those that look like they’ve accumulated over time. In the beginning, hang art sparingly—it won’t be long before you find another wonderful piece, and you’ll have the room to hang it.

There’s no need to stress about your art collection. With the right techniques, decorating with art is a fun way to show off your personality, bring life to your décor, and expertly stage your home.

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