4 Real Estate Experts You Need For A Property Investment

Thinking about investing in real estate? It could be a great opportunity, and a lot of people make their first fortune with this endeavour. Or, they provide a great second income for their family. You might be worried about the things that can go wrong with this type of investment. You should be. You’ll be pouring a lot of money into this venture, and a lot can go awry if you’re not careful and cautious. What does this mean? Many people take it to mean that they shouldn’t invest in property, but this isn’t the case at all. You just need to build a great investment team who can help you navigate some of the more complex issues.


 Property Broker

The first expert you need will help you find the best property for you on the market. You have to remember that there are sharks in the waters of the property market. If you don’t want to take a nasty bite, you definitely need a few guides. They’ll help you swim into the shallows where you can get a great property without any risks.

Of course, a broker won’t just get you the home in question and find it for you. They’ll work to ensure you earn the right deal as well. This is important because if you don’t get the price down to the floor, you could lose a lot of money before you even get started.

A Legal Expert

Make sure you have the number of a top real estate lawyer in your phone for when things get dicey. Real estate lawyers can handle anything from contractual disputes to the legal road towards owning the title on a property. They can also help ensure that you don’t have any nasty issues with tenants or potentially, buyers.

Some people avoiding hiring a property lawyer because of the cost involved. Ultimately though, they could save you a lot more in the long term by helping you navigate the problems that often arise when you own a property or take on the responsibility of a landlord.

Management Company


Do you want a hands-off experience with your property investment? If so, you need to make sure that you are hiring a management company. With a management company, you can make sure that you are getting your property seen on the market. There is nothing worse than an empty property for this type of investment. It really will feel like you are bleeding money.

The good news is that this issue can be rectified with the right marketing which is exactly what a management company will provide. As well as this, they will handle day to day activities and deal with any enquiries by tenants or those looking to rent a property you own.

Maintenance Expert

Last but not least make sure you hire an expert in maintenance. You don’t want to be left in the situation where tenants are complaining about issues that you aren’t able to fix. With a handyman, you can get everything sorted out and fix problems as soon as they arise.


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Signs Your Property Management Is All Wrong

If you work closely with property, one of the biggest things you’ll want to keep an eye on is your property management. Knowing whether your property management is up to scratch or not will make a huge difference to how successful you are in the property game. Hiring the wrong management company will impact everything you can think of. You’ll have to worry about the annual cost of maintaining your properties, your occupancy rates, the number of times you have to turn each property over each year, and much more.

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Don't Be The Weak Link In Your Home-Buying Chain

Screenshot (360).png

House chains. Who would have them? They’re a headache that can quickly lead to losing your dream property. When it comes to roller coasters in real estate, this is the beast everyone dreads riding.

The sad fact is, a chain in real estate is a delicate thing. And, completion depends on everyone’s paperwork coming together. One person pulling out can lead the whole thing to crumble. And, delays in paperwork can mean nothing works the way it should. When you think about it, it’s amazing anyone manages to buy a house in the first place.

Alas, they do, because more often than not things manage to come together. Still, we’ve all been on the wrong end of a weak buyer link at some stage. It’s frustrating. Which is why, when it comes to buying, you should do everything to ensure you don’t fall guilty of that crime. Of course, to some extent, you’re hostage to solicitors and mortgage brokers. But, there are things you can do to ensure you don’t let the team down. And, we’re going to look at what they are.

Something about your survey


Most of us take care of home improvements before putting our homes on the market. All the better for getting a good deal and surviving the survey. But, some of us think we know better and list our houses in haste, assuming everything will be fine. If you make this mistake, though, you can bet the survey will pull up a few skeletons. If that happens, delays are inevitable. As well as risking your sale, a lousy survey means more paperwork and revised offers. And, that’s sure to impact everyone in your chain. Make sure it doesn’t happen by doing a personal survey before you even put your house on the market.

Title complications

Titles and houses are always complicated. For obvious reasons, you can’t sell a home unless your name is on the deeds. This is often a standard aspect you won’t have to worry about. But, if you inherited a house, for example, matters might not be so simple. Inheritance doesn’t automatically lead to deeds. And, you might not even notice that until your solicitors let you know. If you have any concerns in this area, do checks ahead of time. If you aren’t the title owner, you’ll need to contact a company like Estate Planning of Honolulu LLLC, where you’ll find probate attorneys who can help with that exact issue. But, this kind of thing takes time. Take care of it before selling so you don’t leave everyone waiting.

Did you forget your finances?


You should also make sure that start your mortgage process before putting an offer in. Many people offer money they don’t yet have, assuming they can get it before anyone notices. But, mortgage approval can take a while. And, not having that all important confirmation when solicitors ask for it is a real buyer’s faux pas. So, don’t get greedy. Sort your money, then your home.

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