How Realtors Use Personal Websites To Sell Apartments

Sarah Finkel

Just because you work for a brokerage doesn’t mean you can’t sell your own services as an individual real estate agent—the current motto many brokers and agents are following, as seen at Warburg Realty, a New York firm providing top-tier real estate services since 1896. To be a top selling agent, knowledge and skillset certainly help set a baseline, but exceptional personal branding and smart marketing in this competitive digital era are crucial to obtaining the next level of success.

Here are a few examples:

Wendy Arriz, a licensed associate real estate broker, headlines herself as the “Top 10 Producing Broker” at Warburg Realty for three consecutive years, a fact viewers are presented with upon visiting the homepage of her site. Scroll down and read her personal story, providing a clearer sense as to why clients should choose Wendy in their real estate journey. Perhaps it’s that she descends from a commercial broker and real estate developer, has extensive previous experience in wholesale sales for top NYC fashion designers, and writes a column on real estate advice for U.S. News & World Report.

Throughout her website, she makes sure to highlight how her expertise in fashion tie in with her unique perspective on real estate, helping her to utilize her curated skillset in the most effective way possible. Her fashion sense gives her an edge on staging and “presenting properties in their best light,” as attention to details is a key component when brokering a sale, which plays to her marketing and selling capability. As many brokers will do, Wendy’s website features a database of her own listings, luring in potential buyers who have learned more about her from her site, and might now want to work with her directly.

Simply with the four words “Balance,” “Harmonize,” “Nurture” and “Restore,” Mary Dunne is off to a strong start in selling her unique approach to handling real estate. Her website is primarily focused on selling herself as a “holistic” real estate broker, who offers services in restoring a positive balance in a future home, in addition to the traditional services one can expect from a real estate broker. Mary also provides a detailed description of her personal background in the obligatory “About Me” page, highlighting characteristics that make her stand out as a broker in comparison to the rest, namely, her ability to gauge a home’s energy and Feng Shui.

Another popular trend is to include a personal blog as part of a broker’s individual brand, which Mary links to her website under the title Mary’s Expertise. A blog adds a personalized touch and often helps build the necessary human connection between an agent and client.

Allison (Alli) Chiaramonte uses her native New Yorker background as her approach to honing in her brand. Another broker with real estate in her blood, potential clients are assured that her combined degrees in business and communication at top universities will serve their needs well. She then highlights her role within Warburg Realty, pinpointing her areas of expertise as a respected “rising star.”

Also notable is Alli’s use of Instagram to support her marketing strategy. Her website is linked to her Instagram account under the category of “Alli Loves NYC,” where all her listings are stored, accompanied by aesthetic, high-quality photos and smartly crafted captions. These days, integrating social media into a marketing plan is crucial to leading a successful business, serving as another advertising method and platform for consumer outreach.

As Warburg Realty’s #1 Producing Broker of 2018, Arlene Reed sells herself as a real estate veteran, having spent 27 years in the industry and averaging a deal price of eight million—key facts she makes sure to broadcast front and center of her homepage. With 95 percent of Arlene’s business stemming from referrals, it is safe to say she is highly coveted in Manhattan’s luxury market, which is evident after a visit to her site. Arlene’s previous experience as CEO of her own apparel company and current position as an interior designer helps to establish her as a well-rounded agent, bringing a specialized approach to the process.

Her newly launched quarterly newsletter Reed All About It serves as a critical component of her branding, presenting Arlene as not only an experienced broker but as an exceptionally knowledgeable real estate analyst. Also worth mentioning is her “Reports & Guides” section, where potential clients can find market reports and further information on making wise choices as a buyer or seller.

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