NYC's Best Neighborhoods that Are (Relatively) Affordable

By Shaunna Redman has compiled a list of New York City’s top 10 neighborhoods that are relatively affordable. is a website which provides information on every address in New York City. They worked with data scientists and urban planners to conduct research on affordability along with quality-of-life factors to compile the list. If you’re planning on relocating around New York, you may want to consider looking for your new home in one of these neighborhoods.


 1. Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

Windsor Terrace is a small and quiet neighborhood located in Brooklyn. It is small enough where you can safely ride your bike in the streets, but big enough to allow easy access to the subway, which makes for an easy commute to work or to do some shopping.


2. Roosevelt Island, Manhattan

Roosevelt Island is an extremely quiet neighborhood. If you love reading, then this is the neighborhood for you. Roosevelt Island is getting an up-and-coming Roosevelt Island Library revamp, which will double its size.


3. Forest Hills, Queens

Safety is everyone’s top concern. Forest Hills is considered on of the safest neighborhoods in Queens, New York. There are also plenty of activities to choose from ranging from shopping to live performances.


4. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge is a showcase of the greener parts of New York. If you’re interested in trying food from all over the world, you’re in luck as Bay Ridge has multiple food options from Middle Eastern to classic Italian.


5. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Clinton Hill is a neighborhood with lots of foliage. This neighborhood has easy access to Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn, so you can commute to the busier parts of town while enjoy the tranquility that comes with Clinton Hill. There are also two parks within walking distance of Clinton Hill where you can take your pups for an enjoyable day out.


6. Flushing, Queens

If you’re someone who likes the hussle and bussle the city has to offer, then Flushing is the neighborhood you’ll want to look into. Flushing has two farmers’ markets within the neighborhood, and multiple mom-and-pop shops. Also, for those who like Asian cuisine, there are a wide array of Asian restaurants in Flushing.


7. Washington Heights, Manhattan

Does your household have frequent commuters? If so, then Washington Heights is the neighborhood you need. Washington Heights offers easy access to the subway while also giving you access to two parks that are right on the riverfront. You can also enjoy both old and new restaurants that lead towards Broadway.


8. Bedford Park, Bronx

Bedford Park is the perfect neighborhood for those who have children or those who are looking to attend college. This neighborhood features a multiple schools that run from elementary level all the way to college. Bedford Park is also expecting new shops and restaurants to move in.

9. Woodhaven, Queens

Woodhaven has a special appeal to feeling almost like a village. This neighborhood is also within walking distance of the largest outdoors space in the city: Forest Park, which is perfect for those who love to be surrounded by nature. If you need to commute, you don’t need to worry as the subway runs through the heart of Woodhaven, and allows you to be taken directly to Lower Manhattan.


10. Concourse, Bronx

Concourse is the perfect neighborhood for the art lover in your household. Concourse has modern architecture throughout the neighborhood along with art deco that is historic. Concourse also has a design inspired by Champs-Élysées from Paris with the Grand Concourse. The best part is that Concourse is still close to Manhattan, so you can go out and about to see the city easily.

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