Trendiest Colors For Your Fall Closet

By Shaunna Redman

Fall is the time for leaves to start falling, days to get cooler, and outfits to get more accessories. Here are a few colors you may want to consider adding to your wardrobe for this fall.


Photo by:  Klimkin  via Pixabay

Photo by: Klimkin via Pixabay

Synonymous to the color of fine red wine and the fallen leaves, maroon blends perfectly with fall. It can be your main color choice for your outfit, or used to give your outfit a pop of color. Maroon pairs well with light colors such as light khaki and white, or dark colors such as black and dark blue.


Photo by: @ yellow  on Instagram

Photo by: @yellow on Instagram

Goldenrod compliments all skin tones along with the aesthetics of fall. It is best worn as the main color choice, or as a small accessory to give an outfit a touch of color. Goldenrod pairs well with dark blue, brown, or white.


Photo by: @ mandkhaiofficial  on Instagram

Photo by: @mandkhaiofficial on Instagram

Orange is much like yellow in that it can be worn for most seasons. However, orange does look its best in the fall and can give you some amazing photos with the natural background of fall foliage. Orange is best used as an accessory color, and pairs well with neutral colors such as white, light beige, or black.

Photo by:  Allinoch  via Pixabay

Photo by: Allinoch via Pixabay


Coffee and chocolate are the makings for a nice fall day, but adding a bit of brown to your wardrobe will make the day even better. Brown works great as a main choice of color for outfits, or even a complimentary piece. It can be paired with any of the colors previously listed, or can be paired with all light colors some of which include white, beige, or off-white.

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