6 Must-Have Men's Fashion Items for Summer

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Men’s fashion is so often left behind when summer comes, as everyone is focusing on women’s fashion and style. But it is often harder for men than for women to dress in summer to be both comfortable and look put together. So, let’s take a look at a few essential pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe to dress for success in summer.


No, not basketball shorts or pajama shorts, but real, professional-looking shorts. They should hit you right above the knee and have all the functions and looks of pants. Don’t go for cargo shorts or anything with too many pockets because, once again, it won’t look professional. For colors, look for the standard navy, light blue and different shades of tan. Stay away from patterns and stick to solids.


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There are a few ways you can go with shoes. Let’s start with sneakers. Sneakers can be both casual and formal, and it all starts with the shape. Avoid anything that reminds you of the 90’s – chunky shapes, high tops and crazy colors are a no-go. Look for something elegant – a simple shape that follows your foot is ideal. You can play up with materials and colors to get different textures and bring some life into your shoe. The last option is a pair of espadrilles, which will look so elegant and stylish with any outfit.

Polo shirt

A polo shirt is such an easy way to bring style into your everyday, casual outfits. Choose versatile polo shirts for men that will go well with anything, and you’ll have the perfect base for a capsule wardrobe. On any day when you’re just running errands, throw on a polo shirt instead of a regular T-shirt and you will look so much better. It’s casual enough for every day, and classy enough for going out at night with friends.


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Even for summer, you still need a jacket to complete your look on the chilly evenings – or to offer to your date when you’re walking them home. Obviously, any kind of leather, denim or stuffing is going to be too warm, so take your pick at wind jackets. Something like a bomber jacket is great for a casual look, while you’ll want to go more in the direction of coats for a formal look. Once again stick with solid, neutral colors, as you’ll want to be able to pair this with any of your outfits.


Summer is all about showing off your accessories, so don’t be afraid to go for it. Of course, you’ll want to start with a watch. Big, chunky watches are very on-trend now, so pick a neutral metal and make it your everyday piece. Next, you can go for sunglasses – an unavoidable summer accessory – and perhaps a cap of some sort for casual occasions.


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In the end, you want a few summer shirts that you can dress up with. Rather than short sleeves, go for long sleeves and roll them up, and pick lighter materials like linen to keep you cool under the sun. For formal wear, you’ll just wear the shirts you’d wear any time of year, just be sure to wear an undershirt to pick up any sweat stains. Unbuttoning half of your shirt is everything but classy, so reserve that for the beach.

If you have these pieces in your closet, every one of your outfits will be basically bullet-proof, but you should still try to put some thought into matching. If you’re not confident in your sense of style, look at inspiration from people whose style you admire and just try to replicate what they’re doing.