How To Make The Most Of A Layover


When you’re booking travel, you may not always be able to make the plans that you want. In an ideal world, you’d be able to get quick, convenient, and cost-effective direct flights to wherever it is that you want to go. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, there’s isn’t a direct flight. Or it’s not on the day or you. Or the time you want. Or the direct flights are double the price! So sometimes, you’re forced to take the layover option. Now, so people don’t mind that. But sometimes, having a layover can be boring, tiring, and stressful - especially if you then get delays! So, if you have an autumn break with a layover coming up, here’s how to make the most of it.

1. Get The Timing Right

So the very first thing you can do here, is to make sure that you have the best possible layover times. Sometimes, you will need to get a slightly annoying first flight in order to get this to work out. But, it's better to have your layover at a good time compared to a more suitable first flight. So as you’re starting to look at flight times, just try to be a bit more conscious of the times that you’re going to need to wait.

2. Get A Hotel Close-by

Another good tip is to look for a hotel during your layover if you can. Sometimes, this isn’t possible. But if you do have quite a few hours and you’d like to get some sleep in, find something like the hotel near Chicago O’Hare Airport or wherever you’re going. That way, you could get your layover for the night time, sleep it out, then head out and get your next flight. Easy peasy!

3. Research The Airport Resources Beforehand

If you’ve only got a couple of hours, then you may want to just make use of the time you have in the airport. So take a look at the facilities before you get there. You may find that there’s a really nice restaurant or a shopping area that you can explore and kill time with to minimize your boredom.

4. Make Use Of The Lounge

Another really great idea is to use the airport lounges! If you’ve got a few hours, it’s better to spend them in a little more comfort than it is laying around the airport. So try to think about booking yourself into the lounge and using the facilities there when you’re waiting for your next flight.

5. Book A Longer Stop

Or, if you really want to make more use of the layover, then why not just book a flight to the one location first, spend a day there, and then head off? If you know that you have to stop off, then extending it can be a great idea. Not only does it give you more time to have a break, but you get to take in another area in your break too. So this can feel like a bit of a treat when you’d usually dread having to layover.

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Dreaming Of Dallas: Top Travel Tips For A Fantastic Weekend

Where can you go for an exciting, action-packed weekend? Head south to Texas of course! If you only get a weekend to spend in Texas, you’ve got to make it Dallas. Home of the Cowboys, the birthplace of Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez and Meat Loaf, and of course - the setting for TV’s Dallas, it would be rude not visit for a weekend.


Get the lowdown on what to do and how to enjoy an unforgettable weekend in Dallas.

Where to stay

You’ll find no shortage of hotels and places to stay in Dallas, with some incredible options to suit all budgets. If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, book a hotel in Richardson, Texas, which could save you some money for the rest of your weekend. If you prefer a more central locale, then you’ll be able to choose from top of the range luxury all the way to budget hostels - the choice is yours.

What to see

With just a weekend to enjoy all the delights of Dallas, you’ll need to map out your time carefully. You’ll need to bear in mind that the city is vast, so be prepared to do a lot of walking. There is public transport, of course, but people tend to drive to get from A to B.

Try to spend your mornings sightseeing to take in as much as you can. The Sixth Floor Museum, Klyde Warren Park, and the Bonny and Clyde Tour are particularly stand out as some of the best things to do in Dallas during your stay. If you love horses, visit the Texas Horse Park and play the cowboy or cowgirl for the day.

Where to eat

You could spend your entire weekend eating your way around Dallas, the choice is that good. The amazing Legacy Food Hall has plenty of diverse food stalls satisfying all sorts of cravings, while Pecan Lodge is a particularly popular spot to enjoy some traditional southwestern cuisine. Take your pick of the best places to eat in Dallas and enjoy everything from incredible street food to fine dining.

Where to go out

The Dallas nightlife is also something to savor during your visit, with some amazing bars and clubs to enjoy. The House of Blues is a popular music spot, while the Joule Hotel has a fantastic speakeasy-style bar which is great for stepping back in time. If you want to enjoy a drink while taking in the views of Dallas, there are some breathtaking rooftop bars, including SODA Bar and The Woolworth. Ideal for watching the sunset or sipping cocktails after hours, enjoy a taste of Dallas nightlife in style.

Dallas is a great city to enjoy a weekend at any time of year. If you love exploring new sites and being a part of a lively and rich atmosphere, then Dallas is the perfect location for you. A staycation in the US is a great way to explore some great states and cities, so why not make a wishlist of places to go and start ticking them off one by one!

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Unbelievable Ideas for Unforgettable Travel This Year

They stay travel broadens the mind, enriches the soul, and enhances cultural experiences, and it’s difficult to argue with that. There are so many things that can prove a benefit for people who go travelling, and it seems clear that travel is one of the best pastimes in the world. If you want to go travelling this year, you need to make sure you make the most of it and have an unforgettable experience. Travel is something we should all do if we want to interact with different people and learn about new cultures.

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Three States You Should Visit Atleast Once In Your Life

You may not immediately think to visit these states, but each of them offer stunning views and fun activities for all ages to enjoy. These states are definitely ones to visit at least once in your life.

Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain

More than just a neighbor of New York, Vermont offers a huge variety of fun attractions for the whole family. Being the home of Ben and Jerry’s, the first you should definitely check out is the Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour. The tour runs for about 30 minutes and costs $4 for everyone 13 to 59, $3 for seniors 60 and up, and free for 12 and under. Vermont also features a special mountain for dogs and dog lovers alike. Dog Mountain has 150 acres of land on top of a mountain, which features dog ponds, hiking trails, and an art gallery of Stephen Huneck’s work. If you’re looking for a place to get a drink, Vermont has you covered. Vermont Pub and Brewery features artisanal beers and live performances every Thursday. It is also family friendly and features a large menu ranging from burgers to a cheese sampler.

Looking to expand your outdoors experience or maybe want to try something new? Oregon has just what you’re looking for. Oregon has numerous places to try whitewater rafting, fishing, and biking. One such place is Noah’s River Adventures where you can raft and fish. Noah’s River Adventures features whitewater rafting for all skill levels and allows you the choice between a half day or full day rafting adventure. As for fishing, depending on the season you go, you can catch Chinook salmon or Steelheads on their Rogue River. If you’re looking for an outdoor experience with wine, then you may want to look into A Great Oregon Wine Tour. The wine tour starts at $160 per person and includes pick up and drop off at the residence you are staying, bottled water, lunch, and the visitation of 3 or 4 wineries.

Do you love amusement parks or interacting with animals? Minnesota offers multiple zoos and gardens, but is also the home of Valleyfair and Chilly Dogs. Valleyfair is an amusement park and water park combined. There are 16 kids rides, 14 family rides, 15 thrill rides, and 11 water attractions. The best part is Valleyfair offers different ticket options to try to save you money so you can still have fun. However, if you go to Minnesota in the winter time, an amusement park may not be your go to, but Chilly Dogs may be! Chilly Dogs is where you can go on a sled dog trip with different time variations to fit your schedule. If you don’t have appropriate outerwear to go dog sledding in, it’s no problem as they have everything you’ll need to be protected against the elements.

By Shaunna Redman

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The 3 Best Destinations For Sun

There are many things you might be looking for from a holiday, but one of the most popular is some sun. most people choose to escape to some sun, even if they live in sunny climes themselves. Of course, plenty of places around the world are going to be able to shower you with sun, but there are some destinations in particular which seem particularly good for it. If you are thinking about planning a holiday to somewhere sunny in the coming few years, then you might want to think about some of the following spots. These are all places which you can always expect to get a lot of sun from, and they are beautiful too boot. Let’s take a look and see if any of these appear attractive to you.



This is an absolute classic destination for sun-lovers, and one which is more varied than a lot of people seem to give it credit for. You probably have an image in your mind of what Florida is like, and the truth is that you are probably only half right. Florida, in fact, is full of many different kinds of landscapes and settings, and no matter what it is you might be looking for you are bond to find a fair approximation of it there. Obviously enough, it’s the sunny capital of the states as well, so you know that that is going to be no problem. You might choose to visit the popular and beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, find a hotel near Fort Lauderdale Airport with shuttle service to make your life that much easier, and then just rest on the beach the whole time. However you do it, you’re bound to come away pretty tanned.


Greece has always been one of the world’s absolute top spots for holidaymakers, and the sun has to be a lot to do with that. If you are looking for a particularly hot time, you might want to consider the island of Santorini, a volcanic island with black sands which is one of the warmest places in that part of the world. But no matter where you go in Greece, you are bound to be able to get a lot of sun, so make sure that you don’t forget that when you are starting to wonder where you might be able to go for a sunny time. You could have everything you need and more in this part of the world.



in the world, and there are plenty of theories as to why that might be. Something you can’t deny when you are there, however, is that it is incredibly sunny and gorgeous, and the kind of destination which you are unlikely to forget any time soon. If you go during monsoon season, you’ll have some rains, but even most-visited placesThis almost-island on the South of Thailand is one of the so it will remain sunny most of the time. This is a beautiful spot for anyone to visit, and a real tourist=friendly one too, so be sure to give it a go on your next trip abroad.

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South Dakota: All the Reason To Rush To The Mount Rushmore State

If you want to see one of the most iconic attractions in the entire United States you need to heed to South Dakota. A place you can find out all about by reading our post below.

Getting there is easy.

Some folks think traveling to South Dakota from other US cities is difficult, but that isn't the case. In fact, you can access the state directly by flying from many major cities including Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas and Orlando, Florida among others.

There are also six major cities in South Dakota that are served by major airlines including Delta, United, and American. The cities themselves are Rapid City, Pierre, Huron, Sioux Falls, Watertown & Aberdeen. With Rapid City being the closest urban area to Mount Rushmore itself.

There are plenty of places to stay.

Next, South Dakota makes a great place for a break or a more extended vacation because there are so many fantastic places to stay during your trip.

You will find high-end hotels in many of the major cities like the Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, and the ClubHouse Hotel in Sioux Falls. Of course, you may be looking for a more budget option and then something like the camping grounds in Deadwood / Black Hills, or the Sleepy Hollow Campground & RV Park in Wall, that even has an outdoor pool, would be more suitable?

You can even find a hotel near Mount Rushmore in South Dakota if that is the primary focus of your stay, as some of them are just a 4-minute drive from the site is itself. Something that means you can arrive rested and well fed in the morning and get an entire day of exploring in very quickly.

There is lots to do.

Of course, there is plenty to do in the Mount Rushmore state aside from the mountain and park that it's located in. For example, you may wish to visit The Stables at Palmer Gulch where you can experience the majesty of the South Dakota countryside from horseback? Then there is the fun and educational Big Thunder Gold Mine, which is particularly suitable for kids because you get to pan for real gold.  

The mountain, obviously!

Lastly, but not least you will, of course, want to visit Rushmore itself. the mountain where you will find the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved.

To ensure a successful trip, be sure to check the official website before visiting for the events and activities that are on offer. There you will find information on the regularly held Independence Day celebrations, as well as useful alerts on any trials or attraction that are close or have recently reopened.

Of course, many people take a picnic with them to eat as they explore the park, but it's also possible to eat at the Carvers' Marketplace a restaurant that is within the park's boundaries. There are of course many excellent restaurants at all price points in the surrounding cities of Keystone, Rapid City and Custer to try as well during your stay in the Mount Rushmore State.

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Travel Essentials to Enhance Your Experience and Boost Your Wanderlust

When you choose to go traveling, you need to understand what it is that makes your trip so exciting and fulfilling. Now, there are so many things you need to take into account when you choose to travel, and the more you can do to enhance the experience the better. There are so many different travel experiences that you have to keep in mind moving forward, and there are a lot of things that can boost your travel experience.


Now, one of the most important things you have to keep in mind is that there are a lot of travel essentials that play a role in your experience. These are things you have to make sure you sort out if you are serious about enhancing your travel plans. These are some of the absolute crucial to keep in mind that are going to combine to make your vacation memorable.

Choose an Awesome Hotel

Never underestimate just how important it is to ensure that you choose the right sort of hotel. There are so many different accommodation options these days, and a lot of people might go for something that isn’t a hotel. However, the right hotel in downtown can be a massively important choice for the trip. A luxury hotel can provide you with so much that other forms of accommodation can’t get close to.

Download Travel Apps

If you want to have a better all-round experience, there are plenty of ace travel apps you can download that are going to help you with this. You have to make sure you are prepared for the trip, and there are travel apps that can help you with different areas of the journey. For instance, you have to make sure you check in for your flight in advance, as well as downloading the public transport app for the city you are visiting.

Get a Guidebook

You also need to make sure you have a guidebook for the city you are going to visit. This is a great way of making the most of your travel experience and making sure you can brush up on what there is to see and do while you are there. There are a lot of things that you might like to do when you visit a new place, and the guidebook is your reference point for knowing and understanding the best things that are available for you on your journey.

Go off the Beaten Track

There are a lot of things that can enhance your journey, but one of the best ways is to go off the beaten track. Try to do what you can to avoid the tourist traps and stop overspending on the things that are aimed at tourists. Instead, you need to make sure you go off the beaten track and rub shoulders with the locals a little more. This will help you get more out of the experience.

Off The MRKT

These are all things that are perfectly placed to help make your travel experience a better one. There are plenty of things you can do that are going to help you get the most out of the experience. You need to enjoy the culture of a city when you visit, and you have to make sure you spend the vacation relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying yourself.

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5 Best Summer Vacation Destinations for Newlyweds

Wedding planning can be quite stressful. Choosing the right venue, menu, and everything else can leave you exhausted. What is not stressful and exhausting is traveling with your beloved and enjoying your time together. Whether you are planning a honeymoon right after the wedding or waiting to have your first vacation as newlyweds, do everything you can to make it the best vacation. Where you go is important, so take a look at these five suggestions that could be your next summer vacation destination.

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques is a charming and romantic island belonging to Puerto Rico. It is an example of pre-industrial life in Puerto Rico. The natives are very caring of the island and its nature, so Vieques remains a well preserved tropical haven perfect for romantic getaways. There are many beautiful sandy beaches here, the water is clear blue and perfect for swimming. You can have long days on the beach sunbathing and swimming when it gets too hot. The unspoiled nature of the island also means there are lush green forests where you can go hiking or riding a horse. The most interesting part of visiting Vieques will definitely be seeing wild horses running around the island freely. This is truly a nature sanctuary and you are bound to have a lovely and relaxing time here.

Santorini, Greece

This little slice of traveler’s haven is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea and it is a well-known travel destination by now. Many travelers have visited this mesmerizing island and you should consider having a romantic getaway there, too. White houses with blue details set on cliff sides of the island rising from the dark blue sea are a well-recognized sight of Santorini and one you must experience for yourself. There are many trails on the island you can walk down to get to know it better. Enjoy the day on the beach and wait to see the sun set on the beautiful horizon. Santorini is also a great place for wine lovers. The island is known for its indigenous white grapes Assyrtiko, Athiri, and Aidani. They are used to produce a variety of white wines and Vinsanto dessert wine. Vinsanto has been produced here since ancient times and it has a great reputation, so don’t miss a chance to try it.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is unlike the previous suggestions. This is a big city known for its beautiful architecture, great food and nightlife, and friendly people. If you pick Sydney as your destination, make sure to take a walk through different parts of it. The view of the Sydney Harbour, which is considered one of the most beautiful harbors in the world, is a must-see. Here you can also climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the world’s biggest steel arch bridge, and soak in the best view of the city. The best part of visiting Sydney during summer in the northern hemisphere is that in Sydney, it is winter. Winter in Australia is mild, the average temperature is about 15 °C and it almost never snows. You will be able to walk around the city without getting too hot and cool down a bit if you are coming from somewhere warm. While here, you can visit some of the most beautiful beaches and parks, try the local cuisine, and have fun like a native going to their favorite hangouts. Della Hyde is a bar frequently visited by locals and it is a great place to have a few drinks and get to know the real Sydney.

Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Aman Sveti Stefan is a fortified island village in Montenegro. You should visit this island if you are hoping to have a luxurious and relaxing vacation with the best views around. Even Lord Byron said, “At the birth of our planet, the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast.” The most beautiful encounter between land and sea in Montenegro is definitely Aman Sveti Stefan. Here you will find a beautiful historic fortress, beaches, and mesmerizing views of the Montenegrin Mountains. Get to know the best of Montenegro, relax by the sea, and have a romantic vacation at one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is the place to visit for music lovers. The Lucerne Festival is a series of classical music festivals taking place in Lucerne every year. The biggest part of it is the Summer Festival featuring over a hundred events. If you and your beloved love classical music, spend your summer vacation in Lucerne listening to the best performances it has to offer. This old town is surrounded by mountains and it is set on the shore of Lake Lucerne. The beauty of its natural surroundings will take your breath away. You can enjoy nature, the historic architecture of the town, and the festivities while here.

Luxurious Bachelor Party Ideas

If your best friend is soon to be married and you’re the one who’s in charge of throwing an unforgettable bachelor party, just make sure to stay with us and keep on reading! Here are four amazing ideas and tips on how to accomplish that like a pro, so take a look at them and enjoy!


A bachelor party in Bali? Why not!

Bali is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to boys’ trips, and there are definitely good reasons for that. Apart from stunning beaches, amazing food, and dozens of outdoor activities to get your blood flowing, Bali also offers a really attractive party scene that mustn’t be overlooked. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect hundreds of gorgeous ladies in their tiny bikinis, which are definitely a sight for sore eyes. If you know that a groom-to-be particularly enjoys the ocean and all its wonders, you can always opt for a luxurious yacht party that includes a lunch, plenty of booze, and a waitress dressed in a bikini. Spending a day on a yacht will add an inevitable touch of extravagance to your everyday routines, and it’ll undoubtedly make your friends’ lives much more awesome – even if just for one day.


Partying in Miami is always a good idea


Miami offers so many options when it comes to throwing a bachelor party, which is exactly why you should opt for it if Bali is just too pricey for your current budget. Just make sure to go in-season, which is from November to April, since this period offers fantastic weather and unlimited options when it comes to outdoor activities. Delano is probably one of the best places to stay when in Miami, and you definitely won’t find a better pool in Miami Beach, since this hotel has it all. As for the night activities, you mustn’t miss E11Even Miami – one of the hottest places right now that features a nightclub, sports bar, rooftop restaurant, and even adult cabaret if you want to see some attractive strippers in action.


Australians like it hot

Australian men are stepping their game up when it comes to bachelor parties, and the fact is that you can never go wrong with Sydney since it has so much to offer in terms of great food, thrilling outdoor activities for the day, and exciting party experiences for the night. If your crew is up for a fabulous cruise, you should hire a yacht and sail around Sydney Harbour all day long. There are many agencies that offer such services, so make sure to pick one according to your budget. Australian guys have gone crazy about sexy yet classy Sydney Topless Waitresses lately, and they will undoubtedly offer an unforgettable experience to your best friend who’s soon to be married. The quality of their service is absolutely flawless, and you won’t make a mistake if your hire these ladies for this occasion.


Las Vegas as the ultimate partying spot


Some people claim that Las Vegas is for bachelors like Disneyland is for kids, and you know what? They are absolutely right! You should start your trip by renting a ridiculously extravagant (and expensive, yes) suite for your crew – when in Las Vegas, you can’t really be frugal. There are so called ‘men caves’ at the Palms Casino Resort which come with a basketball court, an entertainment screen, a locker room, and a scoreboard, which is everything you need – and more than that! If you’re up for a thrilling experience that will undoubtedly get your heart pumping much faster, you simply need to jump off a Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel Casino. On the other hand, if you’re really interested in getting a lap dance, you simply need to visit Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – a wide range of stages, bars, and private boxes are totally worth the hype! Looking for a few more things to try? Check out Jen Reviews 100 Things to do in Vegas.

As you can see, throwing an unforgettable bachelor party can be a piece of cake thanks to our tips and suggestions which will make it much easier for you. Just make sure to take your crew’s interests and preferences into consideration before making a final decision, and you’re going to be just fine!