How to Plan a Perfect All-Guys Vacation

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Are you ready for your first mancation? I bet you are! If work is stressful, but you happen to have a few free days to spend with your close buds, make sure to do so. However, it’s safe to assume that none of you is particularly skilled at organizing vacations, so here’s a little guide that will help you have a perfect all-guys trip.

Set the date

You might think your schedules are clear today, but if you ask the same question in two months, you’re going to get wildly different answers. There are company picnics, birthdays and anniversaries, so make sure to find a few dates (and some backup dates) that fit everyone’s schedule. Mark them on your calendars and start your vacation planning from there.

Check everyone’s tastes

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It’s very important to vote on your destination. The fact that you’re friends usually means you’re into many of the same things, but it doesn’t mean all of you have the same idea of fun. If half of your friend group doesn’t like to gamble, scratch Vegas off of your list. However, if all of you are outdoorsy and love spending time in nature, you might want to consider renting an RV and going camping (or GLAMping). The best thing about this is that there are so many different things you can do outdoors like fishing, swimming, biking, cooking, partying and relaxing that you’ll probably manage to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Avoid money arguments

If you have to make reservations, collect the money in advance because nothing ruins a friendship faster than money arguments. Add all the expenses you’ll need (accommodation, transport, rentals and other shared items) and collect the money. This way, you’ll have a full weekend of total financial bliss without one worry! When everything is already paid for, you will avoid many bad decisions and arguments.

Do something crazy

While you definitely want to relax and come back home refreshed, make sure to also do something fun and wild that will make the trip memorable. If you’re stuck in a cubicle, live in a small apartment or forced to do many things you don’t really want, it’s very healthy to let go and do something crazy every once in a while. For instance, if you’re visiting Australia, make sure to organize a wild night out and really let loose. Australia is a real party destination, especially if you’re looking for adult entertainment. So, make sure to find a good strip club in Sydney and enjoy a lux gentlemen’s experience surrounded by gorgeous girls. This will definitely make you feel like you and your friends rule the world! Or, if you picked Dubai, one of the world’s best sky diving destinations, why not do something completely crazy like jumping out of a moving plane at 13,000 feet?

Don’t do everything yourself

No matter who’s a designated planner, no one has to go through it alone. Let’s say you’re going camping: one person should be in charge of groceries, one in charge of entertainment, one in charge of your ride and so on. Each member of the group should have something to do. This way, you’ll avoid feeling like a tour guide or a parent and feel more like someone having fun with his buddies.

Book good accommodation

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The place you stay is very important for your trip because if you choose a good hotel or a good camping spot, your trip will be a guaranteed success. For instance, every lux hotel is full of fun things to do (bars, arcades, casinos, pools, theaters) and surrounded by even more things (restaurants, clubs, bars, state parks). Even if that special thing you had planned for the day gets canceled, you can still find a fun replacement activity and have a blast!

Have a backup

Don’t plan your entire vacation around one activity. If you plan to go deep-sea fishing, keep in mind that the weather can turn on you in a blink of an eye and prevent you from going out on the open sea. So, make sure to have a backup plan you can do in bad weather like hitting craft breweries, watching a good band and basking in luxury.

Do rely on social media

While you shouldn’t be obsessed with social media during your trip, you can certainly rely on them during the planning phase. For instance, don’t hesitate to post questions online about your destination, good restaurants, sightseeing opportunities and fun things to do. At least a few of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers will have some good recommendations that will stray away from the regular tourist traps.

With a fool-proof plan like this, you’re bound to have a blast with the guys and come back home feeling like a brand new man ready to tackle anything the world throws at him. Pro tip: if you have someone at home, make sure not to neglect them during your trip (for instance, book them a spa day) so that you can come back to a truly blissful home!