Corcorans Top-Producing Agent Richard Phan Joins Douglas Elliman

 Richard Phan

Richard Phan

Richard Phan, has decided to move from Corcoran on to Douglas Elliam where he was an integral member of the Carrie Chiang/Janet Wang Team, and was involved in some of the most prominent sales in all of New York City. Notably, Phan is acclaimed for selling Manhattan's most expensive townhouse in 2017 for $79.5 million. He will be based out of Elliman’s headquarters at 575 Madison Avenue.

“We are thrilled to have Richard join us at Elliman,” said Steven James, Douglas Elliman’s President and CEO, New York City. “His professionalism, attention to detail, absolute discretion and integrity are highly-valued by everyone who knows him.  He is well respected among his customers, clients and colleagues and I’m confident that his vast knowledge, focus and drive will serve him well at Elliman.”

To date, Phan has sold over $1.1 billion in property covering all sectors of the condominium, cooperative, new development and townhouse markets. He touts an extensive client list and has experience working with top corporate executives, international investors, artists and professionals from the financial services, real estate and fashion sectors.

“After a very successful decade with my former team, the timing seemed right to take the next step in my career, and I’m so happy to embark on this new chapter at Douglas Elliman,” said Phan. “I’ve always admired Elliman’s dedication to their customers and agents, and how the firm has adapted to new technologies and grown its reach into exciting new markets.”

Originally from Hawaii, Phan also has an intimate understanding of the West Coast market. Previously, he worked at Hawaii’s largest title and escrow firm – giving him a unique perspective into the legal components of real estate. This multi-dimensional experience will make him a strong asset to Douglas Elliman. 


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How to Keep Yourself Looking Fresh & Young Each Day

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and wondering why you look so exhausted, even if you don’t necessarily feel it? It’s a common problem that many people experience, but there are some changes that you can make that should help keep yourself looking fresh and young each day. It’s not particularly complicated; it’s just a case of taking logical and healthy steps each day. Read on to learn more about how to do that.

Care for Your Skin Better

Caring for your skin will really produce the results you’re looking for, so this is something that you should definitely try to do. Your skin will be more radiant, fresh and youthful if you spend more time looking after it. This should involve cleansing your skin with a product that suits your skin type and moisturising a couple of times per day. You should also remove any makeup before sleeping.

Spend Time Getting Active Outdoors

Being active and not shutting yourself in your home and your office is vital when you want to look fresher. It’s all about making sure you expose yourself to sunlight and get the natural vitamins you need. Being active and being outdoors can also help you to feel better about yourself as well, so it’s something you should definitely think about.


Get More Sleep

You’ll certainly look refreshed and youthful if you’re getting a good 9 hours sleep each night. That’s what you should be aiming for, but many people with busy lives don’t get close to that many hours of sleep each night. That’s clearly a problem, so work on sleeping more. You will look more alert, more awake and more refreshed when you start each new day. Avoid caffeine after midday for better sleep at night.

If You Smoke, Stop!

Anyone who’s still smoking in 2018 needs to realise that this impacts their skin. Your skin will look discoloured, tired and drained if you smoke a lot. It’s much better for your appearance if you choose to switch to a cheap e liquid. You will notice a change in your appearance and how fresh you look each day once you give up the cigarettes once and for all.

Don’t Rely on Caffeine to Stay Alert

If you’re having to rely on caffeine to start awake each day, the chances you have problems that need to be addressed. If you're always relying on caffeine, it should tell you that you’re working too much or not resting enough. And that caffeine won’t help you look less tired, even if it helps you feel a little less tired for a short period of time. Try to stay alert without it from now on.

No one wants to look tired and drained every day, and you really don’t need to. It’s up to you to make the right changes, and it can be done. Just start by following the guidance and advice that’s been outlined above. It won’t be long before you notice a difference to how you look each day.

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How To Vacate Your Stress On Your Next Holiday


The vacation you’ve been planning for a while now is on the horizon and you’re super excited. You should be because holidays of a lifetime don’t come around too often. When they do, you’ve got to enjoy every moment or else it will be a damp squib. Stressed holidaymakers don’t do any of the above as they are too worried about the little things to enjoy the break.

Let’s face facts – vacations aren’t hassle-free. You’ve got to plan it, get to the airport on time, and figure out how not to argue with the family. The last one is almost impossible, by the way. Unfortunately, the tension takes away from the experience as you can’t let yourself go and immerse yourself in a new culture for two weeks.

What you need to do is to find out a way be super chill on the morning of the vacation and beyond. Then, the retreat you’ve been planning and looking forward to for months will live up to the expectations. Here are the options.

Hire A Professional

Every time you lack expertise in an area, you call someone who has skill and years of experience in the field. If a pipe in the house burst, you wouldn’t deal with it yourself. No, you’d call a plumber and ask them to take a look at the damage. Well, it’s okay to do the same thing with a holiday. Yes, some experts deal with vacation planning and you can find out more about them by following the link.

The important thing to consider is that they plan everything from the flights to the accommodation and more. Give them a call and talk them through what you want from your vacation and they’ll send you an itinerary within a couple of days. Then, you either accept it or ask them to tweak it. Regardless, the plan should be perfect after a couple of conversations.

Most people don’t know these businesses exist because planning a holiday seems simple. The truth is it isn’t so sometimes it’s nice to have a professional on which to rely.


Apply For TSA PreCheck

One of the most stressful parts of the vacation is the traveling. Once you’re on the plane, there is nothing to worry about. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the in-flight entertainment with a beer and a snack. However, getting on to the flight isn’t as straightforward. Firstly, there are long lines at the check-in desk and then there is security.

With a TSA PreCheck, you can walk straight through the long queues at the security area and straight into the lobby. There is no waiting around and no difficult immigration officers trying to catch you out. Don’t worry because the people that do this aren’t a risk; everybody is pre-approved at an earlier date. Find out more with this comprehensive post. Apply by going to the TSA homepage and filing an application and then wait for their decision. Hopefully, they’ll be no mad rush to the gate.

As well dealing with the airport, don’t forget about getting there. Book a taxi and set off with plenty of time to spare in case there is traffic.

Talk To The Hotel

You got the plane, just about, and now you’re about to check-in to the hotel. On arrival though, there are a couple of nasty surprises which grind your gears. Apparently, the rules mean that no animals are allowed in the rooms during the duration of your stay. Or, that your meals aren’t included in the price and you’ll have to pay extra.

Revelations like this happen all of the time due to a lack of communication. Hotels list their deals online and customers see the prices without reading the terms and conditions. Scrolling through the rules and regulations is a must before any vacation. If that’s too much like hard work, then speaking to them on the phone or via email is less hassle.

Ask them any questions which will ruin your vacation and add more stress. For example, is there an elevator? Can the seniors in the party have a ground floor room? What’s the noise level like at nighttime?

Download Your Banking App

Money is a big deal, especially if the vacation is a treat. You want to splash the cash without putting your finances at risk when you land back home. It’s a sensible thing to worry about, even if it the thought of it stops you from enjoying the holiday. Rather than fretting, the average person can view their account information online. Just download the app, track your spending, and pull back if it gets out of hand.

To understand what’s too much, there should be a budget in place. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive, but it should exist to help you rein it in. A basic way to create a plan is to work out how much you can spend per day. As soon as the $200 limit is reached, you can take action by shutting off your pockets or spending less the next day.

One final money-related tip is to split up your cards. Carrying too much plastic is a worry if you get pickpocketed. It’s not a nice thing to say yet there are criminals everywhere and you need to be aware.


Go With The Flow

Arguments happen because people have conflicting views. For example, you want to go out and explore the town and the kids want to sit by the pool. Once soon as they lose, they start to moan for the duration of the day which makes things worse. Typical.

Remember that you’re on vacation and it’s about going with the flow. Having a lazy day by the pool is perfectly acceptable, especially when you have a full two weeks. If you can’t stand the serenity, leave the kids with the hubby and go off alone.

No one said everybody has to spend every waking moment together on vacation. Anyway, getting some “me” time is an excellent way to de-stress.


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SCG America Acquires Full Ownership of Manhattan View at MiMA

SCG America proudly has announced their sole ownership of Manhattan View at MiMA, the immediate-occupancy luxury condominium comprised of 147 exquisite residences, designed by celebrated AD100 interior designer Jamie Drake, atop the Related Companies’ MiMA masterplan development adjacent to Hudson Yards.


 SCG America has tapped New York’s luxury new development leader, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, to formally oversee the marketing and launch of the condominium for sales which opened on October 26th as the headline event of CS Talks 2018 in partnership with Architectural Digest. The building’s central Manhattan location offers buyers close proximity and access to the City’s newest neighborhoods, celebrated and eclectic restaurants and cultural venues while remaining decidedly accessible via transit options.

“We look forward to collaborating with Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group to confidently introduce New York to its most valuable new development anchoring one of Manhattan’s most exciting neighborhoods,” the SCG America development team said in a statement.

“Manhattan View at MiMA offers discerning buyers an incredible opportunity to own penthouse-worthy views from every residence, a unique unit mix of thoughtfully-designed residences with significant storage space, complemented by a bare-no-expense amenity program. We are delighted to partner with a recognized leader such as SCG America on launching the most exciting new luxury condominium in Midtown,” said Patricia H. Cole, Executive Managing Director, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group

Manhattan View hosts a groundbreaking 44,000+ square feet of amenities, including an 18,000-square-foot private residents-only fitness center by Equinox® with a heated indoor lap pool and a full-size basketball court; over 14,000 square feet of landscaped outdoor space; party rooms and catering kitchens; a Mac Bar equipped with iMac computers; and a screening room with golf simulator and karaoke lounge. There is also a club room and residents’ lounge with fireplace, a fully-equipped game room, a children’s playroom, and Dog City, an exclusive residents-only, professionally-staffed pet spa.  Other amenities include a 24-hour doorperson, live-in superintendent and a dedicated concierge, Luxury Attaché.

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Bryan Ecock Joins Douglas Elliman

 Bryan Ecock

Bryan Ecock

Douglas Elliman Real Estate, has announced that Bryan Ecock has joined the firm. Ecock has won several awards for his sales and service over the past half a decade. His accolades include Top Sales Agent of the Year, repeated Sales Agent of the Month, as well as multiple Million-Dollar Producer and Top Relocation Sales Agent awards. 

“My goal is to always make the home buying and selling experience as stress-free as possible for my clients,” said Ecock. “The resources and support Douglas Elliman offers to their agents are unrivaled, and I’m eager to utilize them to better serve my clients.”

With a background in sales, Ecock began his career managing sales territories for Proctor and Gamble, Glaceau, and Astrazeneca. Well-versed in all Brooklyn neighborhoods, he has worked in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn Heights, East New York, Red Hook, Cobble Hill, Bensonhurst, Brownsville, Bushwick, Midwood and Bedford-Stuyvesant, and will continue to do so at Douglas Elliman.

Ecock will help to expand Elliman’s growing presence in South Brooklyn through his vast experience in the sale of development sites, new construction, single-family and multi-family homes, in addition to condominiums and cooperatives. He will work out of the firm’s 156 Montague Street office in Brooklyn Heights.


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A First Timer's Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is a place that is on the bucket list of many people. The weather can be great, there are plenty of famous attractions, and many blockbuster movies have been set here. It is a place in the US that is quite unlike any other, so makes a fun change to see a new city. Not to mention that southern San Francisco is classed as ‘Silicon Valley’ as it is the home to many a tech startup, as well as companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google. So for work or for pleasure, San Francisco is a great place to visit. But what are some of the best places to go, eat, drink, or see? Here are some of the top reasons to visit and a bit of a guide for people heading there for the first time.


Great Range of Food

Cites tend to do a variety of food really well, and in SF (what you should be calling it, darling) is all about the food and range of it; there is something for everyone. You could start the day with breakfast or brunch at the Tartine Bakery, as their classic baked goods are to die for. This is a popular spot you may have to wait in line, but it is going to be worth it. The Devil’s Teeth Baking Company (such an awesome name) is known for their breakfast sandwiches, and being located right by the beach, gives you a great backdrop with which to enjoy your sandwich.

For something for lunch, it can be fun to experience something with seafood, being located right by the sea, and all. The Hog Island Oyster Bar is worth a visit, especially on a weekend when there is a farmers market close by too. Overlooking the bay, you can try oysters, and enjoy as much clam chowder as you can handle; a classic for this area of California. For something for dinner, again, you are a little spoilt for choice. You could learn more here about Rokaakor, where you can find Japanese food in SF, or you could go for something a little more all-American with burgers and pork chops at Nopa. Just be warned, they take bookings months in advance, so get planning now.


San Francisco is a city, but as cities go, it is relatively small. But still with that in mind, it can be hard to get around. There are things like trams that you can use, but really, one of the simplest ways to get around is using Uber. you are likely to want to hit up a few different things each day, and as the city is pretty small, you won’t have to pay a lot for the fare. That being said, getting around on foot can be pretty popular too. Just make sure that you pack your comfy shoes (SF is not the place to break in a new pair of shoes). It is pretty hilly, so be prepared.

Best Times to Visit

Being almost like an island, as it is a long thin strip of land, with the ocean on either side, the city can experience some really varied and unpredictable weather. So really, there isn’t a ‘best’ time to go. Of course, summer can get some of the warmest temperatures, but there can still be a lot of fog in summer. So don’t pin all your hopes on seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in all of its glory in August, as it may not happen. June Gloom, as nicknamed by locals, is definitely a thing as well. So really, it is California, so temperatures are generally going to be pretty steady. It can just get cooler and foggier due to the island-like set up that the city has.


Top Attractions to See and Do

As has been mentioned, SF has featured in the media a lot, so there may be some film sites that you want to visit, as well as the classic things that the city is known for. Some of the top things to see and do are:

  • Twin Peaks: this is the place to get a look at some of the best views in the Bay area; you will need a clear day to see it all, of course. If you’re looking for a romantic spot, then heading up here just near sunset can be a good choice, and as it is high up, you can get a little chilly. So bring a jacket or hoodie with you.

  • Lombard Street: the classic street that is shown in pretty much anything SF related really has to be seen to be believed. It can be a busy place, especially if you are going to travel down by car, but really, it is going to be worth it. You can walk up or down it too, and experience those eight hairpin turns on the way down.

  • Alcatraz Island: the island that was just basically a prison, is a short ferry ride away, and can be seen from most spots in SF. It is now a museum with tours, so you can learn all about what went on in that area and some of the tales of the escapees that were never found again. The tours can get booked up, so this needs to be done a few weeks before you plan to go. During the day gives the great views, but visiting in the evening can make it a little spookier.

  • Golden Gate Bridge: this is probably one of the most famous things about San Francisco. But located right by the beach, you can see it in all of its glory, as long as there isn’t a thick or heavy fog. There are trails to follow, or you could simply drive across if you really want to experience it. It is also a great photo spot in the city, as you can view Alcatraz from there, as well as most of the city, and the sandy beaches.

Have you ever been to SF before? It would be great to hear what you think.

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Eileen Ford's Former Hamptons Getaway Sells

Belle Meade, one of legendary architect Stanford White’s final masterpieces, has sold for very close to the $9.875 million ask. The 104-year-old Greek Revival at 23 Shinnecock Road in Quogue, which sits on 3.5 acres and features a superbly scaled impressive 14,000 square feet of gracious living space, was once the home of Ford Models founder Eileen Ford and has also appeared in Martha Stewart’s book, “Weddings.”


High style abounds at the lovingly restored and opulent estate, which was commissioned by the Greeff textile family circa 1906.  Highlights of the property include manicured gardens, original specimen trees, heated Gunite pool and regulation Har-Tru tennis court. Interior amenities include 10 bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, multiple fireplaces, library, drawing room and staff quarters.

Enzo Morabito of Douglas Elliman brought the buyer. This was Tim Davis of Corcoran's  listing. 

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Purchasing a Property in Florida


Nowadays, increasing numbers of people are renting properties. There are various reasons for this. Many people are unsure what direction their life is going to take and tend to prefer short lets that allow them to move about until they are ready to settle down. It could also be largely down to the price of properties and the cost of living significantly increasing, while salaries remain the same, giving people less opportunity to save cash towards a deposit and afford a property of their own. However, when people do look into buying a property of their own, they tend to purchase something in the state they have grown up in and are familiar with. This makes sense in regards to living near to family and friends and not having to move jobs. But if you’re moving further afield or are planning on investing in real estate for profit, you may find yourself looking at properties in a different state to that which you grew up in. Here are a few steps that you should incorporate into your house hunt when purchasing a property in a different state!

Familiarize Yourself with Local Law

While there are some laws that remain the same throughout every state, more niche and specific laws tend to differ between one state and another. When you purchase a property, there are all sorts of legalities that you need to adhere to. So, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the local property laws of the state you’re interested in. This will help to prevent making mistakes and potentially losing money down the line.

Collaborate with a Local Estate Agent

Using an estate agent local to the area you intend to move to can ensure that you get the first glimpse of new properties being placed on the market in your intended destination. You can discover more about this here!

Conduct a Viewing

Nowadays, increasing numbers of estate agents are advertising their properties online. This makes it much easier to browse properties that lie further afield, as you can simply check through listings and look at pictures of different places that could meet your needs. But it’s extremely important that you make the effort to travel and attend a viewing in person before purchasing a property or handing over any cash in exchange for it. Photographs can be extremely flattering and they can also leave out any unpleasant aspects of a property. A house may look perfect in pictures, but there could be a sewage plant nearby that means the space has an awful smell all of the time, or it may be located next to a train station or busy road, making it a noisy space to live in. You won’t be able to pick up on these things until you actually visit yourself.

Sure, buying any property is a complex and intense process. But this can be amplified when you are purchasing in a different state. Hopefully, the above advice will help you to secure the out-of-state property of your dreams as easily as possible.

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Pins, Patches, And The Unexpected Flare Up Of Flair Fashion

For the duration of the nineties, we wore a good selection of pins and patches with near enough any outfit. We’re talking waistcoats weighed down with badges, and denim jackets with so many patches the blue barely showed through. Even our hats and handbags would usually come complete with a decent collection of pins to boast.


This fashion, once known as flair, was all the rage. If you didn’t have a decent collection, you weren’t worth the clothes you were wearing. But, along with bright colors and sportswear, flair went out with the nineties. When the noughties arrived, we were all about stripping back. Aside from the outdated waistcoats of diner staff, pins and patches went in drawers, never spoken of again. Until now…

Pinterest’s 2017 trends revealed that searches on ‘flair’ were up a whopping 800%. That’s a pretty large increase, and it’s a sure sign that flair fashion is making a comeback. Pinterest isn’t the only signifier of this, either. One look at Instagram reveals that we can’t get enough of these outfit additions right now.

The reasons for this sudden flare-up vary. For the most part, it seems that artisan sellers are behind the influx. Sites like Etsy are swamped with both pins and patches. Craft markets and the creative community have also embraced making things like these. In an age where we’re more willing than ever to support local creatives, it’s no wonder this fashion is spiraling.

The only trouble is, it can be tricky to make flair work for you if you weren’t a nineties child. If you were born past the turn of the 2000s, you might be wondering what on earth all this flair madness is about. Or, more to the point, how you can make it work for you. Fear not, because we’re here will the answers.

Shop wisely

For one, you need to know where you should shop for these. As with any fashion, it’s essential you buy from the best to ensure lasting quality and appearance. Anyone and their mother are jumping on this trend right now. Even corner shops display all manner of pins at the moment. But, investing in cheap options is a false economy. For one, they’ll break in no time at all. You may also find that they simply don’t look the part. Instead, you should look out for handcrafted and high-quality options. As already stated, Etsy is a fantastic option for this as it allows creatives to sell their wares. If you search long enough, you may even come across sellers like Patches4less, who will enable you to customize your patches. This would allow you to get flair exactly right, and you should read more if it interests you. The main thing to remember is that you shouldn’t settle on any old pin you can find. Far from being a small feature, your pins and patches should become the primary focus of your outfits. And, the only way to ensure that is to be careful from where you buy.

Consider where you display them


Once you have your top notch pins and patches, you need to think about where you display them. Tote bags have become a prime choice, and that makes total sense. How better to add a flair of fashion to an otherwise functional accessory? If you want to go all out, you may even benefit from returning to popular methods of old. Denim jackets have been back in style for a while now. Including pins and patches could ensure a retro outfit to die for. If you fancy something a little more subtle, collar pins are also pretty popular right now. These are fantastic because they incorporate this fashion without your having to go all out. This could also bring the benefit of helping you make the most of just one or two particular choices. Even displaying a few patches on your plain t-shirts could customize your clothing. What’s more, this is a pretty affordable way to take yourself to the heights of fashion.

Coordinate with your outfit

To take full advantage of your flair fashion choices, consider more than where you put your pins and patches. You should also aim to coordinate with the rest of your outfit. This may not have been such a priority in the nineties, but new flair means bringing everything together. A fantastic way to do this could be to match your pins to your jewelry, or the other way around. You could also change the colors you adorn with to match whatever your outfit is for that day. Get this right, and pins and patches could be the things which bring every outfit you choose together. Forget having to match your shoes with your t-shirt; just use a pin to bring the two together.

An option for every occasion
It’s also well worth investing in different flair options for every occasion. This could mean having pins for day and night. Or, it could mean investing in seasonal options you could change through the year. It could even mean having a professional and playful patch selection. Either way, changing for every occasion makes your fashion statements more personal. It can also provide an interesting opening to conversations if you’re meeting new people. Wearing educational pins to class, for instance, is a fantastic way to start chatting with fellow students. Wearing charity pins on a night out is sure to make everyone warm to you before you even start talking. Equally, wearing Christmas-specific flair when the time comes can be a whole load of fun. Political pins are also a fantastic way to bring old outfits into current affairs. Talk about a new-old way to keep up with the fashions.

Getting flair right isn’t all that difficult. The whole point of a fashion like this is to have fun. While these pointers are useful, they’re by no means a fool-proof guide. There are no hard and fast rules. So, play around, get creative, and flaunt your flair.

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5 Reasons Why Australia Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

If you could choose to go anywhere on vacation, where would you choose? If you’re looking for a destination that has it all - great landscapes, beautiful beaches, incredible cities and so much more, then Australia could be exactly what you’re looking for. Here are five reasons why Australia should be your next vacation.


 1. The lifestyle will help you escape

Australians are known for being laid-back, adventurous and very welcoming. If you’re looking for a chance to escape and truly relax, then Australia will be waiting with open arms. Enjoy getting to know people, places and a new pace of life. With great weather helping you make the most of every day, you’ll return to normal life well rested, with a different outlook.

2. The natural wonders

Australia is home to so many of the world’s natural wonders that it’s difficult to fit them all into your visit. You’ll want to experience Uluru, the outback, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef. Tours and excursions are the best way to experience these wonders, so look into Port Douglas reef tours and others to help you make the most of your visit. Remember to pack your camera to capture every moment.

3. The beaches

Sun, sea, and sand - you’ll get plenty of each in Australia. Known for its impressive beaches and surf culture, some days spent on the beach is a must during your visit. Some of Australia’s best beaches include Bondi, 75 Mile, and Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsunday Island. Try your hand at some fun water sports while you’re there - you don’t want to miss out on these amazing opportunities!

4. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

Australia is the place to go to enjoy adventures. From skydiving near the Great Ocean Road to climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, it’s a great destination for thrill-seekers. Even driving from location to location can be an adventure, so make your vacation one big road trip. Add some of the following to your list of things to do to help you experience the best of Australia:

  • Four-wheel driving in Queensland

  • Sail the Whitsundays

  • See the 12 Apostles by helicopter

  • Go kayaking in Katherine Gorge, Nitmiluk National Park

It’ll help your travel budget if you book and pay for activities and excursions in advance to help your spending money go further.

5. The wildlife

Australia is home to wildlife you won’t find anywhere else in the world, unless you go to a zoo! There’s nothing quite like seeing koalas or kangaroos in the wild, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities on your travels. Some of the best places to experience Australian wildlife include:

  • Daintree Rainforest

  • Nymboida River

  • Phillip Island

  • Tower Hill

  • Tasmania

Book yourself on a wildlife tour or visit a sanctuary to get the best experience of wildlife Down Under.

Whatever your vacation style, you’ll find something that appeals in Australia. Need some inspiration for your next escape? Read about Julianne Hough’s travel bucket list and tips on how to prepare for a big trip.

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Inside The Top Floors of Brooklyn's Tallest Building

Hub, the new 55-story residential skyscraper, and currently the tallest building in Brooklyn, has just revealed its very top floors with a newly completed penthouse model unit, and the grand opening of the building’s airy and beautifully-designed amenity space known as the Sky Lounge.


Located on the 53rd floor, the indoor/outdoor Sky Lounge, which opened to residents earlier this month, features plentiful seating, a bar area, an outdoor terrace and breathtaking panoramas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and beyond. Penthouse apartments at Hub (with bigger layouts, upgraded finishes and stunning views) recently started leasing – and momentum has been strong.

Inside Penthouse 52C features condo-like finishes including: 10+ ceilings, kitchens are appointed with Caesarstone counter tops and carrara marble back splashes, Bertazzoni range and built-in microwave, panelized Bosch refrigerator and dishwasher, custom Italian cabinetry, master bathrooms feature Ruscello marble tile, oversized trough sink. All homes have a washer and dryer, 5' wide oak wood flooring, and custom window shades.

Amenities include a 75-foot year-round lap pool, lushly landscaped sundeck and lawn, grilling cabanas, a fully-equipped gym & yoga studio, bike storage, indoor and outdoor movie screens, programmed events in the club lounge, a dog run, children's playroom, party room, and library. Hub's 53rd floor features a sky lounge and terrace with breathtaking panoramic views.

Current monthly rent is asking $3,933 a month.

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