Top Landmarks in New York

Whether a local or visiting the city for the first time; New York is home to plenty of landmarks that are filled with an immense amount of history. If ever caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city and need something new to do, check out these top monuments.

The Sherman Monument

Located at 764 5th Avenue, this statue was created by New Your City-based sculpture Augustus St. Gaudens. It was created to commemorate William Tecumseh Sherman, a Civil War hero. He sits atop his horse with pride, and is guided by the personification of peace. Over the years, the Central Park Conservancy has worked tirelessly to preserve the monument by coating it with protective waxes so it does not lose its color.


Columbus Monument

This monument marks the epicenter of Columbus Circle at 59th Street. This 76-foot-tall monument depicts Christopher Columbus, the infamous explorer who ‘sailed the ocean blue’ in 1492. Columbus stands tall on a pedestal, looking over the roundabout. At the bottom stands the Genius of Exploration: a male angel scanning the globe. This monument was sculpted by Gaetano Russo and was put up in 1892 to honor the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ trip to the New World.

The Charging Bull and Fearless Girl

The charging Bull was created by Italian Artist Arturo Di Modica in 1989. Located in the Financial District, this sculpture represents the inhabitants of the area. America is determined to succeed and overcome obstacles, so it is supposed to symbolize the perseverance of New Yorkers. The piece was initially placed at the New York Stock Exchange, but was later moved to Bowling Green.

The Fearless Girl is a fairly new sculpture as it was placed on March 7, 2017. It is a bronze sculpture of a young girl facing the Charging Bull. It was created by Kristen Visbal and is 50 inches tall. The statue is meant to send a message about workplace gender diversity and encourage companies to recruit women to their brands. The plaque below the stature reads, “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference”.   

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