Brazil-iant Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip To Rio

As far as South American cities are concerned, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the most appealing option by a considerable distance. It’s a city that is known for great weather, golden beaches, and a Wonder of the World. Given that it has appeared in many films too, it’s not difficult to see the appeal.

When heading out to Rio, though, you need to know that you’re going to experience the very best trip imaginable. Here are five simple tricks that are sure to make this one of the best adventures of your life.

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Go Straight To Rio

If you’re visiting Brazil from afar, you may be tempted to double Rio with Sao Paulo. In truth, you’re better off going straight to Rio. Sao Paulo is OK, but the sheer size can make it quite stressful. With so much to do in Rio, you’re better staying there.

Still want to visit a second city? Try Belo Horizonte or visit Iguazu Falls on the border with Argentina. Do both sides, and you’ll treasure those memories forever.

Stay By The Beach

There are a lot of attractions dotted across the city. Nonetheless, the best action is around the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro provides the perfect location as well as the luxury style you’d expect. Moreover, the balcony views are simply stunning at sunrise and sunset.

Moreover, after a night out at the bars, you can be back in bed in no time. Besides, the travel links to the major hotspots are particularly good from this location.

Do Christ The Redeemer Before Sunset

You’re not going to visit Rio without seeing Christ the Redeemer. This will be one of the highlights of your life regardless of when you make the trip. Having said that, it’s worth noting that the view in the daytime is completely different to the view in the evening. Go up around half an hour before sunset, and you’ll get to enjoy the best of both.

And then if you’re still eager to gain an additional sense of excitement, why not book a helicopter tour?

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Go At Carnival Time

Many cities around the world have carnivals, but none do it as good as Rio de Janeiro’s. This is one of the reasons to put Brazil on your bucket list, and visiting at this time of the year is sure to work wonders. As long as you book early, it shouldn’t impact your enjoyment.

It will be busy, but you’ll still find a way to rest and relax once the party dies down. Better still, those memories will last a lifetime.

Download A Translator

Compared to some of the other Brazilian cities, the number of English speakers is far greater. Therefore, downloading an App that can translate Portuguese to English can make a world of difference. Removing those frustrations is sure to have a telling impact on your holiday fun.

If it means you’ll have more time for enjoying the beaches and cocktails, that’s gotta be worthwhile.

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