5 Stylish Beach Vacation Must Haves


Getting ready for a great beach vacation? There is nothing more fun and relaxing then kicking it back at a beach under the warmth of the sun with nice breeze coming from the water and a cold cocktail in your hand. When it comes to packing for the beach there are just a few things you really need to make the vacation an unforgettable one.

So here they are the five stylish must haves that are sure to make your upcoming beach vacation a truly fashionable one.

The almighty bathing suit

What’s a stylish beach vacation without a stunning bathing suit. The key is finding the one most suitable for your body type. That way you will feel confident enough to strut along the beach, play volleyball or just soak up the sun rays on your towel. Don’t forget to stay trendy and opt for the right colors or patterns. In 2018 we can expect the swimsuit designs to be ranging from soft monochrome pastels to fiery flower patterns. Jut pick the one that will make you feel the most confident and head straight for the beach.

Unforgettable beach style items

pexels-photo-307006 (1).jpeg

There are some clothing pieces that just have to find their way into your beach bag. One of them is a kaftan, you can find modern design kaftans in the UK, and most British tourists have them as must have items in their beach vacation suitcase. They are stylish, fashionable and can significantly elevate your beach look. Combining them with the right pair of shoes can really change up your look from day to night, making this item one of the most versatile ones in your suitcase.

 A stunning pair of sunglasses

Let’s be realistic, there is no way you can pull off a stylish beach look without a pair of memorable sunglasses. And in this case the bigger the better. They can complete any look and are at the same time one of the first thing people will notice about you. And even if we put aside the style contribution, they are essential for protecting your eyes from the dangers of direct sunlight exposure. So whatever you do, don’t forget to pack a pair or two in your beachbound suitcase.

The hat

No stylish beach look would be complete without a memorable hat. You can opt for a white classic one, with a black stripe or go for a more romantic look with a wide brim and some floral embellishments. Either way it will make a powerful fashion statement and definitely get you noticed on the beach. The best thing being the fact that it is there to serve a wider purpose, it is there to protect you from the treacherous warmth of the sun rays, and to keep your face from being exposed to sunlight for long periods on time.

 Don’t forget to accessorize

Some well chosen accessories can do wonders for your beach style. Make sure you opt for bright colours and bigger jewelry pieces as to make a statement. The best option would be a stylish necklace or a pair of wide bracelets. Another accessory you cannot do without is visually stunning beach bag. There is a wide array of shapes and materials you can choose from, so that it can complement your fashion style completely.

There you have it, five stylish items that are bound to elevate your beach fashion game and help you make memorable beach vacation photos. The main thing is that all these items should be selected in accordance to your personal style and preferences so as to create a unified beach look.