Let Influencers Decide What You Do On Your Next Trip

We can all agree that the hardest part of traveling is the actual planning that goes into it. Whether you're hoping to avoid bad weather for the weekend or a last minute business trip, not all trips can be well-planned due to time restraints. While having other people book your trip is always an option, executive assistants may be under-informed about cities their bosses are traveling to, hotel concierges may suggest tourist spots, and other discovery apps are often sorted by popularity or proximity, which may not be to your liking.

Which brings us to Dot & Pin, a personalized recommendation engine with a messaging-­powered online travel concierge, who caters for short or long-­term business travel. Rather than showing you the most popular results, Dot & Pin offers a virtual human concierge who acts as an expert local resource for various needs, such as recommending and booking restaurants, transportation, on­-demand meeting venues, golf tee time, outdoor activities, private jet, and many others.


All it takes is answering 5 questions to build a personalized profile that'll only show you what you may be interested and taking out unnecessary choices. While many resources can be out-of-date or misinformed, Dot & Pin utilizes selected influencers of cities that most travel for business to as their experts on hidden gems and current events.

If you're looking to stay well informed before your next trip you can check out their blog with stories such as, Best Matcha Latte in America6 Best Cookies In The World, and 13 Carry-on Essentials for Frequent Travelers. Or simply start using Dot & Pin to get your personalized recommendation here

Dot & Pin is currently live in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.