At Your Table: A Personal Chef Experience While Planning an Event Abroad


Newyorker in London? Planning an event? In need of a catering service? We got it covered!

At Your Table is an established artisan personal chef catering service with the style and creativity only world renowned culinary experts are able to bring to life. Being around for almost a decade, the brand has already made a name for itself in the bespoke dining industry, attaining stellar reviews from numerous satisfied companies and individual clients in the UK and Australia.

The company currently services the UK regions of London, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds as well as every major city in Australia. You can organize private dinner parties, intimate settings or even large-scale events requiring substantial catering for numerous attendees.

An adventure of style and taste

The renowned service of the At Your Table staff is characterized by the need to serve your unique wishes and cater to your specific needs, allowing you to tailor your menu in preparation for the event. The chefs do not only cook your meals in a divine display of artisanship and experience, but the accompanying team of waiters will ensure your private setting is transformed into an intimate and relaxed ambiance.

The private sommelier provided to your by the At Your Table staff will make sure to present the best wine options to complement your meal, either by securing exquisite tastes for the party or even serving the best options from your private collection.

The fine culinary art

As for the food itself, the At Your Table chefs certainly are the masters of their trade. Ranging from a wide variety of fusion dishes all the way to modern European and Italian cuisine, there is no shortage of innovative and dazzling flavours to satisfy every palate.

A chef of your choice will be able to offer you their signature recipes, crafted with years of culinary experience under the tutelage of renowned culinary institutes around the world. The interesting detail that makes for a unique experience is the fact that the chefs tailor their menus according to the season, making sure the ingredients are fresh and of top quality at all times.

This is where the bespoke experience of At Your Table truly shines, as you will be encouraged to get in touch and fine tune every detail in order to create a unique menu that complements your specific tastes and the unique palates of your guests. You can choose from a variety of options, ranging from ten-course tastings to exquisite three-course meals.

These culinary experts consider their trade to be a true art form, and although open to various suggestions, they will remain steadfast in maintaining the integrity of their signature creations. You can inquire about vegetarian and vegan cuisine and tailor the menu to your liking, as they say, within reason.

Remember, it is best to leave details to the professionals, and let them tailor an unforgettable dining experience, imbued with taste and aroma, accompanied by stellar service and professional conduct.

In conclusion

At Your Table is the best possible solution for escaping the hectic nature of the modern world and creating an intimate, bespoke and unforgettable experience abroad, tailored to complement your every need. Whether you are organizing a formal gathering or planning a rekindling of an old flame for two, the culinary artisans behind At Your Table will allow you to create cherished lifelong memories, imbued with vibrant tastes and passionate aromas.