From Milan Fashion week comes DISARONNO wearing this design from the Italian fashion house MISSONI. Donning on a zig-zag pattern of multiple colouring, the fifth fashion-inspired release from the brand, this is a limited-edition release for fashion and liquor enthusiasts alike.

They will be available in large 750 ml bottles and six mini bottles, each packaged in sets of three in travel retail channels such as airports from JFK to Dallas as well as ferry lines like Navi Costa and P&O Ferries. Every year, Disaronno donates a part of the proceeds of their collaborations to the charity Fashion 4 Development sponsored by the United Nations.

This year’s edition will go to humanitarian efforts in Africa. Previous collaboration include Italian fashion houses Moschino, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and ETRO. The large 750ml bottles retail for $27.99 while the mini bottles retails $10.99 per pack.