The Best Coffee Shops in Greenwich, CT Right Now

Taking a trip to Greenwich Connecticut for a client meeting or weekend away. In case you’d rather not take that meeting for a whole meal nothing beats a coffee date, or perhaps you just need a quick dose of caffein. We’v rounded up the best coffee shops in Greenwich. Drink up.

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1.      Lorca Coffee Bar – Stamford, CT

Originating as a Stamford coffee shop, they’ve now expanded to a new location in Greenwich as well. Created by an architect-turned-business owner who became entranced with the expansive world of food and coffee. After suffering a job loss, Leyla Jenkins set out to create her passion into a reality. Known for their popular cold brew coffee, this shop offers a pleasant atmosphere and top-notch food.

2.      Coffee Café Roasters

Inspired by Asian blends, this café promotes “offering a true break from generic, similar-tasting drinks by delivering professionally brewed coffee from our daily roasted beans, for a truly memorable experience that will leave you with an invigorated and uplifted feeling” for a true feeling of passion. They offer a variety of tasty pastries and espressos for whatever you’re needing that day. The ambience, service, and quality make this one of area’s best coffee destinations.

3.      Turning Point Coffee Roasters

Fresh into business, Turning Point as became a fan favorite known for their servings of local drinks that stun the customers. They also serve freshly-made organic meals or simple pastries all part of their beloved menu.

4.      Humbled Coffeehouse

A business turned real from a dream; this coffeehouse has the goal of not only inspiring their customers but allowing them to inspire themselves with their coffee brews. Much like their name suggests, they are known for their warm and welcoming environment that makes it very much a customer favorite.

5.      Ada’s Kitchen & Coffee

Originally a candy store, Ada’s has become a place of not only quality service, but rich history. Not wanting to dissolve the history of the structure, the new renovation kept a portion of the store designated to candy. The new addition has created and expanded the once quaint candy store into a place for the old or young to enjoy a quick bite.

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