Celebrate National Margarita Day At Norwood Club

One of our favorite holidays of the year is coming up International Margarita Day, on February 22nd bars and restaurants will be making creative margaritas all day. Cody Goldstein of Muddling Memories will be celebrating this year with his first-ever line of cocktail fizzers that will be available at Norwood by reservation only.

What is a cocktail fizzer you may ask? Well it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before…in cocktail form that is.

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Inspired by Patrón’s Margarita of the Year competition** and created by Cody Goldstein of Muddling Memories. Those who are looking to try the specialty cocktail can get one at The Potion Room at Norwood and order one fizzer for $30 or 7 for $200

The 7 flavors include: Passion Fruit + Jalapeno, Lychee + Chia Seeds, Tomato + Thyme, Celery + Elderflower, Pickled Plum + Kelp Tea, Orange Marmalade + Sherry

How is it made?

  • Drop the margarita flavored cocktail fizzer into the glass filled with Patrón Tequila
  • Watch as the cocktail fizzer miraculously turns from a ball into a cocktail right in your glass
  • Wait for the fizzing to stop and enjoy the margarita
La Margarita .jpg

·The cocktail fizzer is created with real cocktail ingredients (i.e. tomato, orange, lime, etc.) and the fizzer activates once it hits the tequila

Once the cocktail fizzer completely disintegrates in your glass your margarita is ready to drink 

Be sure to reach out to the exclusive members-only club Norwood to try the fizzers by booking a reservation at:Reservations@norwoodclub.com

Patrón Reveals New $399 Bottle With Partner Guillermo del Toro

Today Patrón announces it's newest partnership with Guillermo del Toro with a bottle pricing at $399. This partnership marks one of the first collaborations in which del Toro has engaged outside of the entertainment industry, and among a handful of partnerships carefully selected by Patrón over its long history.

The Patrón x Guillermo del Toro partnership includes 2 new bottles. one of them being a limited-edition 750ml bottle of extra añejo tequila sits upside down as the “torso”. This  includes a blend  of rare Patrón tequilas aged for an average of more than five years in a combination of different new and used oak barrels



While a 100ml bottle is also available with aged orange liqueur, sits on top, a skull exquisitely carved into the crystal. Complementing that tequila is the smaller bottle, a first-of-its-kind aged Patrón orange liqueur produced from aged Patrón tequila. 

The blend is much different from your go to Silver Patrón, as this has a bright golden color with sweet notes of honey, raisins vanilla and oak. While the orange liqueur has a sweet aroma of citrus and French Toast.

Only a very limited number of sets were produced, and are currently available at fine spirits and liquor retailers across the country for the suggested retail price of 399.

The Search Is On: Which Patrón Margarita Will Win?

Article by Candice Dixon

Who’s dying for a Spring cocktail? We definitely are.  As the last remnants of winter melt away, we’re excited to preview light, refreshing sippers for Spring 2017. In fact, Patrón has started its world-wide search for the simply perfect margarita of the year. Out of thousands of global applicants, the tequila brand has selected seven contenders to represent the brand’s products in its 2017 Margarita of the Year contest. 

Live voting allows imbibers unlimited voting online and via social media to support favorite tipples until April 9th 2017 when the winning marg is announced. So far, the top three cocktails are the Carolina (22% of votes), Pacific Rim (17% of votes) and Mumbai (14% of votes) Margaritas. Want a taste? You can order a personal kit loaded with all ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions through Cocktail Courier - a great idea to liven up your next at-home happy hour or dinner party.  Take a look below at the top three stars of Patron’s next Margarita of the Year.

Carolina Margarita   ,  Created by Riesler Morales ( Mexico City, Mexico)

Carolina Margarita, Created by Riesler Morales ( Mexico City, Mexico)

Inspired by a couple’s beach-side, serendipitous meeting, the Carolina Margarita narrates their instant love connection. The oaky Reposado Patrón coupled with the Patrón Citrónge Orange and hibiscus creates an instant attraction for the most discerning of palates. It’s beautiful red hue from a splash of red wine rounds out the imaginative sipper.                                                                                                                                                                                 
Want to cast your vote? Use #CoralinaMargarita on social media or click here for the ballot.

Pacific Rim  , Created by Max Greco (Sydney, Australia)

Pacific Rim, Created by Max Greco (Sydney, Australia)

Of all exotic world locations, Sydney, Australia may not come to mind, at first. However, when enjoying this thrilling coconut syrup and jalapeño beverage, you’ll think twice. The Pacific Rim Margarita perfectly showcases a delicious blend of Patrón Silver, yuzu juice, and citrus, transporting you to the Down Under like never before. No wonder it’s a close second in the competition.                                                                                                                      
Want to cast your vote? Use #PacificRimMargarita on social media or click here for the ballot.

Mumbai Margarita  , Created by Hermant Pathak (New York, NY) 

Mumbai Margarita, Created by Hermant Pathak (New York, NY) 

The Mumbai Margarita allows you to escape to enchanting Mumbai, in this beautifully balanced and mango-licious libation. Your inner adventurer will be satisfied with spicy, sweet, savory ingredients including Patrón Reposado, mango puree and spicy rose syrup. This addictive east-meets-west fusion will hook you at first sip!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Want to cast your vote? Use #MumbaiMargarita on social media or click here for the ballot.

What better way to impress your friends at home than by making a Patron Platinum Margarita that Rael Petit (bartender of Delilah at NYC) created.

Liquid Platinum Margarita

Liquid Platinum Margarita

Liquid Platinum Margarita

  • 2 oz Platinum Patrón Tequila 
  • 1 oz Dolin
  • 2 dash rose water 
  • .25 oz agave syrup
  • .5 oz lime juice

Stir all ingredients with ice for 30 seconds then pour in a mixing glass. In a mixing glass add 

  • 1 bar spoon edible platinum color 
  • 1 pinch xanthum gum 

Stir for 10 seconds pour in your coupe glass. Garnish with an edible orchid using edible silver sprayer marshmallow flavored. 

If you're unable to make the cocktail yourself, have the pro's do it. If you're based in New York the cocktail is available from March 20 – April 30 at Delilah. For a limited time, the margarita will be offered off the menu at $100 per glass for those in the know.

Each Liquid Platinum Margarita includes Gran Patrón Platinum (SRP $200), edible silver flakes, rare rose water and topped off with an edible silver orchid.  The liquid even swirls around by itself – magic in a glass! (Video here)