Celebrate National Margarita Day At Norwood Club

One of our favorite holidays of the year is coming up International Margarita Day, on February 22nd bars and restaurants will be making creative margaritas all day. Cody Goldstein of Muddling Memories will be celebrating this year with his first-ever line of cocktail fizzers that will be available at Norwood by reservation only.

What is a cocktail fizzer you may ask? Well it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before…in cocktail form that is.

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Inspired by Patrón’s Margarita of the Year competition** and created by Cody Goldstein of Muddling Memories. Those who are looking to try the specialty cocktail can get one at The Potion Room at Norwood and order one fizzer for $30 or 7 for $200

The 7 flavors include: Passion Fruit + Jalapeno, Lychee + Chia Seeds, Tomato + Thyme, Celery + Elderflower, Pickled Plum + Kelp Tea, Orange Marmalade + Sherry

How is it made?

  • Drop the margarita flavored cocktail fizzer into the glass filled with Patrón Tequila
  • Watch as the cocktail fizzer miraculously turns from a ball into a cocktail right in your glass
  • Wait for the fizzing to stop and enjoy the margarita
La Margarita .jpg

·The cocktail fizzer is created with real cocktail ingredients (i.e. tomato, orange, lime, etc.) and the fizzer activates once it hits the tequila

Once the cocktail fizzer completely disintegrates in your glass your margarita is ready to drink 

Be sure to reach out to the exclusive members-only club Norwood to try the fizzers by booking a reservation at:Reservations@norwoodclub.com