Patrón Reveals New $399 Bottle With Partner Guillermo del Toro

Today Patrón announces it's newest partnership with Guillermo del Toro with a bottle pricing at $399. This partnership marks one of the first collaborations in which del Toro has engaged outside of the entertainment industry, and among a handful of partnerships carefully selected by Patrón over its long history.

The Patrón x Guillermo del Toro partnership includes 2 new bottles. one of them being a limited-edition 750ml bottle of extra añejo tequila sits upside down as the “torso”. This  includes a blend  of rare Patrón tequilas aged for an average of more than five years in a combination of different new and used oak barrels



While a 100ml bottle is also available with aged orange liqueur, sits on top, a skull exquisitely carved into the crystal. Complementing that tequila is the smaller bottle, a first-of-its-kind aged Patrón orange liqueur produced from aged Patrón tequila. 

The blend is much different from your go to Silver Patrón, as this has a bright golden color with sweet notes of honey, raisins vanilla and oak. While the orange liqueur has a sweet aroma of citrus and French Toast.

Only a very limited number of sets were produced, and are currently available at fine spirits and liquor retailers across the country for the suggested retail price of 399.