Which Macallan 12 Are You?

The Macallan is best known for their deluxe and carefully curated tastes. The single malt whiskeys are some of the highest quality in the nation, sweeping the four of the ten spots on the most expensive whiskey lists in 2016. But, the brand does a great job of offering luxurious whiskeys at more affordable prices. The Macallan 12 Double Cask sells for just over $70, and the Sherry Oak sells for $62. Which one are you? Add your points up at the end to find out?

1: You’re going on a vacation for the long weekend. Where do you go?

a.     A small, quaint cabin in Montana (Add one point)

b.     A personal beach off a random island in the Carribbean (Add two points)

2. You’re drinking your favorite whisky by the fire. What are you eating?

a. Cheese (Add one point)

b. Chocolate (Add two points)

3. How do you like your whisky?

            a. Fruity and fresh (Add one point)

            b. Sweet and smoky (Add two points)

4. You and your friends are out to eat. Where are you?

            a. A loud sports bar (Add one point)

            b. A dim lit restaurant (Add two points)

5. You’re watching TV. What’s on the screen?

            a. The big game (Add one point)

            b. Netflix, duh. (Add two points)

Macallan 12

0 – 5 You’re The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old

This is The Macallan classic with dried fruit flavors, spices, toffee and wood smoke, and a deliciously long and smooth finish. The whisky is aged in 100% sherry-seasoned oak casks predominantly made from European Oak and is defined by the iconic, rich sherried flavor that made The Macallan famous.

Macallan 12

7 – 10 You’re the The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old

This is aged in 100% sherry-seasoned casks defined by an unmistakable American oak style. With notes of honey, citrus and fresh oak, melded perfectly with classic Macallan hints of dried fruit, this expression is very approachable yet complex, sweet and refreshingly smooth.