How to Keep Your Feet Healthy During Summer

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The change of season calls for many changes – we update our wardrobe with breezy and breathable garments, change up our makeup and skincare routine and implement changes in both our diet and general lifestyle habits. But what about the feet? As we make the transition from boots and shoes into sandals, flip-flops, your favorite pair of Birkenstocks and even bare your feet to feel the grass or that beach sand underneath them, there are precautions that should be taken in order to keep your feet nice and healthy. Are you ready to protect your feet and make sure they’re up and running, both literally and figuratively? If so, read on.

Protection comes first

This is something that you didn’t have to worry about during the colder seasons, but as the footwear becomes more ‘revealing’, your feet are a part of the body that should be slathered with broad spectrum SPF. During summer, they’ll be as exposed as the rest of your body, so when you apply your daily dose of sunscreen don’t forget to treat your feet to some serious protection as well. When choosing the right product, make sure to check the label for these ingredients: ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, sulisobenzone, or zinc oxide as these make for the ultimate protection combo.

Beware of the plantar fasciitis

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Everyone loves a good inexpensive find, especially when it comes to summer footwear. However, if you suddenly start to feel a strong or even dull pain at the bottom of the feet, chances that it is the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Simply put, this condition is an inflammation of the fascia. One way to avoid this condition is to avoid sandals with thin soles and heel with very high arches. There are, of course, ways to treat the condition with exercises, so make sure you learn everything there is to know about the condition and if you notice any symptoms, look for professional help.

High and dry

This expression generally doesn’t mean anything good, but in terms of feet care it most certainly does. Due to temperature rise, your feet are likely to perspire more than during any other season. The reason you don’t want your feet damp for an extended period of time is because the dampness is one of the culprits or bacteria or fungus conditions, one of them being the athlete’s foot. Beyond unsightly, this condition is painful and can cause itching, burning and scaling of the skin. Needless to say, you don’t want to experience it. Therefore, as soon as you can, get out of wet shoes, wash and dry your feet and put a nurturing lotion that absorbs quickly. Now, when it comes to avoiding the ‘damp’ situation altogether, if you’re wearing socks, make sure they’re sweat-wicking ones, and a good trick is to apply corn starch or baby powder and keep those feet nice and dry.

Get the right support

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Most summer shoes are cute, but offer little to no support, which can take a toll on your soles, as every step is like a knife to your heel and subsequently your spine. If you do tend to wear flat sandals, make sure you purchase a pair of cushioned insoles – gel ones have proven to be the best kind as they not only protect you, but actually make you feel like you’re floating instead of walking.

Nip it in the bud

With new summer shoes come the blisters – we’ve all had them, we all hate them. Nip this in the bud by buying shoes that are comfortable from the get-go, and steer clear of the ones you have to break in, because by the time you do, your feet will have already suffered enough. If you do make the mistake of buying a seemingly perfect pair that ends up giving you this grief, clean the blister using hand soap and try to leave it be. However, if the pain becomes too strong to bear, use an alcohol-sterilized needle, poke a tiny hole in the side of the blister and drain the fluid out, leaving all the skin intact. After that, apply some antibiotic ointment and cover with a band-aid as this should do the trick. Try not to irritate the foot, and walk a mile or two in shoes that don’t come in contact with the sore spot.

Make them pretty

No stylish beach look would be complete without a memorable hat. You can opt for a white classic one, with a black stripe or go for a more romantic look with a wide brim and some floral embellishments. Either way it will make a powerful fashion statement and definitely get you noticed on the beach. The best thing being the fact that it is there to serve a wider purpose, it is there to protect you from the treacherous warmth of the sun rays, and to keep your face from being exposed to sunlight for long periods on time.

 Don’t forget to accessorize

Some well chosen accessories can do wonders for your beach style. Make sure you opt for bright colours and bigger jewelry pieces as to make a statement. The best option would be a stylish necklace or a pair of wide bracelets. Another accessory you cannot do without is visually stunning beach bag. There is a wide array of shapes and materials you can choose from, so that it can complement your fashion style completely.

There you have it, five stylish items that are bound to elevate your beach fashion game and help you make memorable beach vacation photos. The main thing is that all these items should be selected in accordance to your personal style and preferences so as to create a unified beach look.

Make sure to get an appointment at a trustworthy salon to get your nails all nice and pretty. This is the final summer touch that will allow you to flaunt your feet in open-toe sandals. Bonus tip: make sure to book an early morning appointment as this way you are making sure your technicians isn’t already tired and the tools and basins are completely clean and sanitized.