Julianne Hough On Her Travel Bucket List & How To Prep For A Big Trip

Dancing With The Starts Judge Julianne Hough recently sat down with Offers to discuss her passion for travel. Take a look at the hightlights on where she travels and what she always makes sure to pack.

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

Where she shops for stylish items that travel well: "We went shopping at places that wouldn’t break the bank but still had clothes that were stylish and appropriate for where we were going. We went to Vince. Vince was our go-to store for our Africa travel. We went to J. Crew for basics. I also like Zimmermann."

Go-to places for eating healthy on the road: "As silly as this sounds, I love Italian places. Even though there’s pasta and pizza, you can also order a beautiful fish and vegetable meal. And they’re cooking it with olive oil. So I often find if I’m trying to get find something healthy, I’ll go to an Italian restaurant."

Her travel bucket list: "We were just talking about riding camels in the desert. I also want to see the pyramids sometime in my life. For this birthday/anniversary month, we’re thinking something with a beach, so Fiji would be cool. Greece would be phenomenal and experiencing the culture there. There’s Mykonos, which would be fun for partying, but there’s also the adventure side of it that really excites us."

Her favorite summer travel destinations: "For domestic travel, we love Idaho so much. And there’s so much beauty in Montana. That whole area is so beautiful and outdoorsy and adventurous.

In Idaho, we love Coeur d’Alene. That’s actually where we got married. My grandparents are from there, my dad grew up there. I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t be talking about it because it’s sort of a secret. But it’s starting to become more of a travel destination. People are starting to catch on to the beauty.

Even if you’re not adventurous and outdoorsy, if you want to experience music, you can go to Nashville or Austin."

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