5 Reasons to Get Outside This Summer

Kara Schlotthauer

The heat of the summer is coming up with the sun each morning, and it’s the perfect time to start heading outdoors! There may be more reasons to get your daily nature fix than you think. Here’s five health benefits to spending your time in the sunshine

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1.      It boosts your energy

The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor activities! If you’re feeling a little sluggish, step outside and let the sun’s natural vitamin D fill you up with the energy you need to crush another day!

2.      It boosts your immune system

No one has time to get sick, so take the time to build natural immunity to the bacteria that can easily culture indoors. Nature is the perfect place to enjoy the fresh breeze and fight against that summer sickness!

3.      It boosts your happiness

If you search for happiness, try looking for it in the great outdoors! Getting outside helps you to appreciate the beautiful world that we live in, and that appreciation is sure to bring a smile to your face! Seasonal Affective Disorder has no place when the warmth comes in. From mountains to flowers to a gorgeous sunset, Earth has a lot to offer in terms of happiness, and it’s up to you to find it.

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4.      It boosts brain function

The abundance of clean air and views other than your home’s inner walls could be just what you need to kick your brain into gear! As you experience new, greenery and landscapes, your creativity is better able to be released, along with concentration to do your best work yet!

5.      It boosts physical activity

Get out of the sweaty gym to go the extra mile in the wonderful weather! With many more options to get your cardio in, summer is the perfect time to find your favorite physical activity to get your heart pumping. The extra oxygen and beautiful scenery could improve the quality of your exercise and may even help push you to the next level in your workout!

 Choose to explore a new area or state park, hit the beach or find a little garden to sit and relax! Nature is calling you, and it’s not to the bathroom. Grab a companion or go for a solo adventure, but make sure to reap the benefits of the sunny summer weather while it lasts.

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