Where’s Your Morning Cup Coming From?

You probably know where your favorite wine was produced, so why wouldn’t you want to know about your favorite cup of coffee?

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 Despite many beginners’ interpretations, coffee is more than brown, bitter brewed water. Depending on your taste buds’ favorite flavors, the right brew for you may rely heavily on the region of the world that the beans are picked. Seventy countries provide most of the beans for global consumption, most closely scattered near the equator. The coffee plant soaks up the flavor of its home and brings it right to yours through the production process. Here are a few popular coffee-growing regions and the unique tastes that they bring to your cup.


The African coffee bean typically produces flavors that are fruity, such as blueberry, lemon or strawberry, and floral, like orange blossom. Exotic notes mimic those of the continent’s geography, creating an experience to send you to the dynamic African plains! Popular countries you’ll find on the bag of beans include Ethiopia, Kenya and Burundi.

Latin America

 Classically bright, coffee from this region takes home the medal for being the most balanced and sweet of the beans. Sourced from countries such as Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica, hints of the lush diversity push through each sip with clean notes of citrus and a medium body. If you want a happy imaginary walk through a rainforest, this could be the coffee for you.


Asian coffee beans forever carry the heavyweight championship trophy in earthy flavors. The best beans will leave you envisioning the rich volcanic soil they were grown in. One of the most popular darker roasts in this region hails from Sumatra, a small Indonesian island, and it stands the test of time even as lighter roasts gain momentum among coffee connoisseurs.

  With the variety of combinations, blends and roast options, there’s brewed beauty for every set of taste buds, sourced near and far. For more in-depth information, check out this site.

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