The Future of the Manhattan Skyline

By Connor Sherman



If you’ve been by Grand Central Station lately you might have noticed a building under construction as you were leaving the station. It might seem to the casual observer to be just another sky scraper, but to those in the know the under construction One Vanderbilt building is going to be a new New York landmark, and the hottest piece of real estate in all of Manhattan. Furthermore One Vanderbilt is being made with the use of Grand Central in mind, as in order to gain the rights to build, the realtors in charge of the construction have vowed to invest at least $220 million into improving and upgrading transportation infrastructure in Grand Central Station.

Planned to stand over 73 stories tall the Vanderbilt going to try to revolution the Manhattan skyline, and the expected exterior is designed with that goal in mind with a stylish approach to the standard skyscraper setbacks. Similar to what was done with the Burj Khalifa’s undulating lines that give viewers the impression of waves and water the Vanderbilt will have stark jagged lines evocative of a mountaintop. Bright white lights will also adorn the top of the Vanderbilt furthering the impression of a snowcapped mountaintop at night. Fitting in a way as much like a mountaintop the Vanderbilts highest points will be above cloud level.

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On the interior, the Vanderbilt will incorporate brand new modern design perspectives. The most striking of these being multistory column free floorplate, which along with floor to ceiling windows, will allow natural light to fully illuminate any room on any floor.

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This provides a completely different feel to a workday, and will allow the building to save a fortune on daytime electrical costs. Amenities of the building will include a dining service designed and headed by world renowned Chef Daniel Boulud, and there will be a number of considerations taken to improve and maintain the buildings air quality.

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The Vanderbilt is going to offer a top floor observation deck, which alone is estimated to add $42 million dollars in net revenue, and hopefully attract top level talent, firms, and clients to the One Vanderbilt. Look for the completion of this new Manhattan landmark in the year 2020.

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