Rough It No More: Strategies That Will Make Camping A Little More Luxe

One form of vacation that isn't seen as high-end is camping. In fact, it's often billed as roughing it, the exact opposite. However, the lines are starting to blur, and this means you can go camping and now have a more luxe experience. Read on to find out how.

You don't have to spend hours putting the tent up.

One of the most dreaded and unglamorous thing about camping has traditionally been struggling with all the tents poles and trying to erect it before the weather turns, or it starts to get dark. Luckily, there are many ways that you can make this job easier or avoid it all together for a more luxe experience.


One way is to use a tent that gets around the need to use poles. A pop-up tent can be a good choice here because all you have to do is remove it from its bag and then tack it down to the ground. While another option is to use a tent that doesn't need poles at all. Yes, these do exist, and they use inflatable supports instead of poles, making the whole thing so much simpler and easier.

Alternatively, you may want to stay at a site where they offer ‘glamping’ or glamorous camping. There you will find tents that are already erected, as well as many other high-end additions such as real showers, real beds, and even heating inside some of the tents, something that can help to give you the best vacation experience possible.

You can have delicious, good quality meals.

Whether you are on a camping road trip or pitching your tent is a beautiful national park, a big part of what puts many people off of roughing it is the food. After all eating beans straight from the tin every day, with a few blacked sausages to add variety in the evening is not most people's ideas of luxury.

Happily, you'll be pleased to note that you most definitely don't have to eat in this way next time you go camping. In fact, if you have the right kit which includes things like these 4WD Supacentre camp fridges, as well as a decent mobile cooker or BBQ you can take your favorite foods and cook up a storm while you are away. You may even want to treat the others in your group to some decent fair too, especially if they are sick of the campfire for classics such as fire bread and s’mores.

Sitting on logs isn't mandatory.

For many people, it is the thought of not having a comfy chair in which to relax for the whole vacation then put them off camping. After all, sitting around the fire on logs is cute for the first day, but once your back has started aching from long hikes over rocky terrain, it can wear little thin.

Happily, you can avoid this by treating yourself to a decent camping chair. In fact, some of the newer ones on the market like the Oztrail Moon Chair and the ARB sport are just as comfortable as if you were sitting on an expensive couch at home. Something that conforms roughing it needn't be without comforts or luxuries anymore.

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