Spending New Year's in NYC, and surviving to tell the tale.

By Kymi Manjarrez

As exciting, thrilling and captivating as spending New Year's in The Big Apple sounds, it isn't quite what your typical chick-flick sells; Times Square [or any place, really] will be packed, will be loud and will be a potential hazard to either your health [concentrated cigarette smoke, sensory overload, etc] or your personal belongings [big crowds are easy targets for pickpockets, things get easily lost, so on and so forth]. That's why we recommend that you take a look at our Survival Tips, in order to enjoy your experience to the fulles!


Firstly, make sure you plan ahead. Book those flights/train tickets/bus tickets or make your schedule at least a month ahead if you're planning on driving into the city and make sure that you get there early; New York streets aren't known for being light on traffic, so make sure you investigate where your nearest/most convenient parking lot is once you choose your hotel or AirBNB so that you can snatch a spot. If getting to the city two days ahead sounds reasonable to you, we recommend on doing that. Mostly so that finding the actual spot doesn't prove on being an issue!

Saving on hotels is always easy if you book ahead [way ahead], purchase a New Year Package [offered in most booking sites or as options when booking by phone], or help locals by booking an AirBNB; we highly recommend this one! It not only is a more affordable option, but also proves to be more efficient since there are no swamped lobbies, no waiting around on Room Service, and no cramped elevators.

 If you're planning on attending any of the New Year's Parties in Times Square, we recommend you get there with a lot of time; the Ball Drop is probably the largest event hosted in the City throughout the year, and so we recommend you're prepared to get there [and wait] since before noon [if you want to get a good spot, that is]. There are several other Times Square events that will be going on, too; BallDrop.com has some excellent schedules and event info, and offers some extra tips on how to have a fantastic time.

Secondly, you'll want to make sure that you leave all valuables safely back in your room, and that you keep an eye on your devices and wallet at all times; again, crowds are the perfect and most likely place to lose something or have it be taken from you. Your eyes are going to be on the screens and Ball, no one can blame you!

To finalize, make sure you have fun. It's very easy to get lost in the mayhem and focus on everything that could and can go wrong, but remember that this is a time of gathering and that your personal enjoyment is just as important as any advice we could give you. Enjoy your festivities and stay warm!

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