Where To Stay In New Yor City This New Years Eve

By Aura "Kymi" Manjarrez

With the Holidays approaching, visiting New York is as tempting as wearing your ugly Christmas sweater for family pictures is going to be. The tough part about it is going to find an affordable hotel that:

A- Isn't all booked for whichever dates work for you

B- Stays within your price range.

Luckily for people, AirBNB has been slaying the Hospitality Service market since the company's launch, and offers plenty of options for those who are looking a good location, a good price, and a good host. Because, let's admit it, waiting in the lobby or dealing with Guest Services or having to go to bed hungry because Room Service is either no longer operating or simply too tardy isn't something anyone enjoys going through, particularly when vacationing. That's why having the comfortability of your own spaces and your own times is a much better option. Below are just five of our favorite AirBNB spaces in New York, ranked from most to least expensive. Check them out, and see if any of these options are for you!

1- Penthouse Studio East 50s Terrace - $135 per night

Off the mrkt.png

This beautiful studio apartment is located just blocks away from the Chrysler Building, and has a fantastic view. The space itself can house up to 2 guests [ideal for couples], has one bathroom and a full kitchen.

2- Clean Quiet Studio in the heart of Manhattan - $130 per night

This beautiful studio apartment counts with a queen-sized sofa-bed, an alcove with a full queen sized bed, and full amenities. It is located in the very heart of Manhattan, and for this price, it's a must-consider!

3- Large Beautiful Loft in Chelsea/Union Square - $69 per night

Off the mrkt.png

This beautiful loft is located in the very heart of Chelsea, close to museums, near the water, and only a block away from the Subway line. It has two beds, one bath, and full amenities.

4- Sunny, Modern room in East Village - $55 per night

Off the mrkt.png

Unlike the last two, this space is a private room in an apartment. However, the pictures prove it to be an incredible space that can house up to two guests. The apartment itself shares one bathroom and the rest of the amenities, but the view and the location [just a block away from Tompkins Square Park] make it a must-see on your vacation getaway checklist!

5- Private Room SoHo - $35 per night

Off the mrkt.png

Just like the last one, this private room is located in a shared space. However, the apartment has all necessary amenities, free of charge to use, and is located in the very heart of SoHo; if you're a bohemian soul, we recommend that you check this space out! The price and location are unmatched!

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