Redefine Your Business with Rebranding - Organize the Best Live Event

At some point in its public presence, every business will need to redefine itself. This method is called rebranding or, to say it plainly, a strategy of creating a new image for the business. Rebranding asks for a lot of modifications starting from a new logo and design, different colours, new product images, and even the way that you present your business to the clients.


Stay True to Who You Are

However, you don’t want to overdo it. You need to stay true to who your company is, what you signify in the global market and precisely who you plan to become with your improved image. When customers come across your business after the rebrand, it should still be recognisable to them, but well-favoured and more cutting-edge than ever.

Envision Your New Look

A rewarding campaign requires not just a renewed logo, it also needs a vision that invigorates customers, shareholders, and others to see the brand in a new light. For that, rebranding a business’ goals, message, and culture is, to say mildly, not an easy task to do. Still, there is one brilliant tactic that you may combine with it and that is to make rebranding into a corporate event. When you bring the process near its end, it is a great way to let everyone know about the big changes you have at hand.

Let the Party Start

An impeccable event asks for attention to the tiniest details and preparation for sudden hiccoughs and problems.

Involve Social Networks

Did you know that according to Sensis Social Media almost a quarter of people in Australia (24%) use social media to follow brands or businesses? If you can get people to Tweet and post on Facebook & Instagram about your event, you are more likely to spread the word quickly. Social media is one of the best free of charge ways to promote your event and your revamped brand identity. Therefore, it’s essential you take advantage of it.

You can do it by offering your guests something worthwhile if they “check in” at your event on Facebook. In addition, you can come up with a clever hashtag that people will want to share on Twitter or Instagram. There are numerous event-planning distinct hashtags such as #happyhour, #experiential, or you can just invent your own unique one.

Organize a photo competition

People love a good competition as it is fun and gives a positive reaction to your event. One of the best new event ideas is using a custom Instagram frame to take pictures of your guests. You can hire a PhotoBoothMe for this. The idea is that all of the guests hold up the frame, have their picture taken, and post the picture to their Instagram feed with hashtags such as #photobooth, #havingagreattime, #dontwanttoleaveyet. Make sure your overhauled logo is visible on them at all times. With every post, guests will have the chance to get closer to the prize and for that, they would more likely engage in the game and become your brand advocates.

Besides the fact that it is a fun and exclusive way to stimulate your guests to share your event over social media, it will also help to put your one-of-a-kind hashtag in circulation around the internet.


Match the décor

It is recommended that the furnishing, food and drinks correlate with company’s redesigned logo, brand, and its new image.

In that sense, you can make the icing on the cupcakes or biscuits in the same colour as your logo. Furthermore, you can hire a cocktail-master to create a custom cocktail with an “oomph taste” that couples with your new company brand. The light effects in your new colours can also contribute significantly towards achieving your goal.

Bottom line, your presentation on the event should match the image of your overhauled identity. Above everything else, food and drinks will be remembered by most attendees, hence that is where you should focus your attention.

Something to Remember You by

Event attendees love freebies! If you want to keep a firm memory of your event in their minds makes them a gift bag to take home. It can contain something symbolic, functional and oftentimes used such as branded water bottles, stationery, or, for big-budget events Bluetooth headphones or something similar.

With this small token of affection from your side, your guests will be far less likely to forget about your event and thus your brand, while they enjoy whatever freebie you give them.