Playing Your Property The Smart Way


Property has long sat at the top of the investment pile. This valuable commodity is almost impossible to live without in the modern world, with the vast majority of people either owning or borrowing a building to live in. Giving it the chance to flourish regardless of the economy, this makes homes into a great way to make some money, but you have to play your cards right. To give you the push you need to make the most from your property investment, this post will be exploring some tips which can maximise the return you get at the end of it. Of course, though, you have to start in the right place, and this means doing some learning.

Learning The Market

The real estate market is always on the move, with prices going up and down, and the level of effort you have to put in being dictated by consumers. Thankfully, giving yourself a quick education in this field is easier than ever. Most of the tools you need for something like this can be found for free, though it could be worth paying for some support if you plan to do a lot of DIY but don’t have any experience. Below, you can find some examples of the sort of places you should be looking for this information.

Blogs: Blogs like this one can be a very powerful resource in a complex field like this. Being written by professionals and enthusiasts, they can give you a great insight into the work you’ll have to do to get the very best price for your property. It’s always worth doing some background research to make sure that you’re not being led astray, as this environment can be very challenging, and it could hurt your chances if you follow bad advice.

Real Estate Agents: There are few better places to go for help selling your home than the people who will be making money from selling it. Companies like this often have decades of experience, giving them a wealth of knowledge about their work, while also enabling them to get an insider scoop. They will be very honest if you ask them what you could do to improve the return on the place.

Video Services: Paying for training or a course is all well and good, but this will eat into the money you make on your first property. Instead, using a website like YouTube can be just as effective, without costing you a penny, and you probably have access to it already. There are hundreds of channels devoted to subjects like DIY and real estate. This enables you to find content which is genuinely helpful, without having to spend a long time searching for it.


Once you feel confident about your knowledge of the real estate market, you will be ready to begin the process of your first investment. Buying a property can often be a daunting process. Very few people have a lot of experience in this area, and you will probably have to do some of your learning on the fly, adding a big challenge to the project. To make this a little simpler, you can find a selection of tips below which will, with any luck, push your property investment to new levels.

Watch The Trends: Knowing which property sizes and types are the most popular, the locations which make it easiest to sell, and places which have a lot of development going on can be invaluable when you’re getting into property investment. Figuring this out could a little bit of time browsing the web. Of course, though, much of the process will involve spending time at a computer, and this will give you the chance to keep an eye out for any changes.

Sign Up For Updates: There are a lot of real estate companies out there, with a lot of them having their own websites. When they have this resource, they will also often offer automatic updates tools which can tell you when new properties come up for sale, saving you the effort of checking them each day. If you’re able to do this with a comparison site or two, you could give yourself a great advantage, and it won’t cost anything in the process.

Go To Auction: Saving money on property isn’t always an easy process. You won’t find coupon codes, and there are few places which have options for people on a strict budget. At this point, you have two options; buy something small or go to auction. The latter option is preferable, as it will usually provide the best savings, while also giving you the power to boost your return. Of course, it’s always worth researching an auction before going to it.

Don’t Be Afraid: Being a business, most people will want to get the very best deal for their home, and this means that you might have to fight for yourself if you want to save money. Having the confidence to make a low deal can often clinch a sale, while also boosting your mood for the next time around. If you get rejected, it’s usually best to move onto the next place, as this will help you to avoid making compromises which you’d rather avoid.


Once you have a place under your belt, you will be ready to make any improvements which will help it to sell for a little bit more. The best route to go down at this stage will be things which are skin deep. Replacing things like radiators or windows will rarely have a big impact on the value of a place, whereas a new kitchen will make people much happier to move in. To help you to achieve this goal, you can find some improvements tips below.

Go Secondhand: With a lot of homes going for rustic feel at the moment, you have the chance to use secondhand goods to your advantage. Websites like eBay often have listings for whole kitchens, including all of the units you’d need, along with work surfaces and other components. You can find an array of other options like this around the web, making the process of improving your property much cheaper.

DIY: While it can take a lot time and effort, doing as much of this work as possible yourself will make the whole process much cheaper. With the help of the research you did at the start, you should already have a good grasp of DIY, and will know how to handle a lot of the jobs which are thrown at you. Of course, it could be a good idea to get someone on board who has some experience, giving you the chance to watch and learn.


Finally, as the last part of the process, but possibly the most important, it’s time to think about selling your property. There are a lot of ways to make more money at this stage, and a lot of people struggle to get it right. In the half hour or so visitors will spend in your home when they are considering buying it, they won’t have much of a chance to see past the top layers. This gives you the chance to make a real difference with very little extra investment.

Presentation: People will rarely visit for very long during a viewing, and this makes the time they spend there crucial. They have to be wowed by your property, seeing it in its best light, and this makes presentation very important. To make the most of this, you should work hard to make the place look like a show home. Not a lot of people put this sort of effort in, giving you the perfect way to distinguish your property.

The Method Of Sale: Along with making the property look great, the method of sale you choose to get rid of it will also impact the return you can hope to get. A traditional agent can cost a small fortune, forcing a real estate investor like yourself to look down other avenues. Nowadays, you can find companies around the web which can buy properties at the drop of a hat, without expecting it to be in perfect shape. Being able to turn something over this quickly is a rare gift in this sort of market.

The Agent: Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the agent or company you choose to get rid of your property and turn it into cash. You should always read reviews of professionals like this, giving yourself the chance to find the very best, while avoiding options which could hurt your chances of success. Of course, it isn’t always easy to find the best examples, but it will be worth the effort.


Hopefully, this post will give you everything you need to get started in the world of property investment. Playing this game to win is very important when you want to make money from it, especially when you consider how competitive it can be. This shouldn’t be cause for concern, though, as you already have what you need begin, and simply need to take the first step.

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