Bullett Journaling The Newest Trend To Keep Track Of Your Life

Fun doodles and keeping up with various events collide to create the new trend of bullet journaling. Starting a bujo was the best thing I ever did for myself. I kept forgetting what plans I had made and usually ended up double booking myself. I also kept forgetting what absolutely had to be done the following day, thus leading to low priority stuff getting mixed into the high priority stuff (and some things being completely abandoned). If I happen to sound like you, then maybe you should check out bullet journaling as well.

Photo by: @ calligraphybymcdonald  on Instagram

Photo by: @calligraphybymcdonald on Instagram

What is bullet journaling?

Bullet journaling is a unique way for everyone to keep track of their daily events. It can help relax you after a long day, or prep you for a big day. There is no right or wrong way to bullet journaling. The key focus is for you to keep track of your life and have fun.

Where to begin:

You can choose to make one from scratch by using any notebook you want. Many bullet journalists recommend and use Moleskine notebooks. If you’re on the busier side, you can buy a planner meant for bullet journaling so you won’t have to draw your layouts. After choosing your journal, you need a pen or a pencil, then you can start working on your monthly layouts.

Photo by: @ focusign  on Instagram

Photo by: @focusign on Instagram

Starting to track:

Many people use their bullet journals to keep track of everyday things outside of events.These things include: emotions, workouts, daily water intake, and tv shows watched. Some people also use their journals to keep track of their budget or for motivation to save money by doing a no spend challenge, which means no money is spent outside of necessities.

Plan out some things you would like to keep track of, then figure out a design you would like to follow. For a simplistic approach, you can number down the sides for each day of the month, then draw a box after each day which can then be colored in after your goal/day is accomplished.

By Shaunna Redman

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