Oversized Drinks To Get You Through Summer

Sarah Finkel

Nothing screams summer more than tropically-inspired oversized drinks, as grandiose as our summer expectations. These large-format cocktails from booming Times Square hotspots, The Polynesian and Ian Schrager's The Times Square EDITION, are bound to kick off the sunshine season on the sweetest note. Offering both chic indoor and outdoor spaces, guests can enjoy an elaborate satiation of the palette in whichever atmosphere they please. Perfect for coworkers looking to unwind post-work, a night out on the town for reunited gal pals, or simply everything in between.


The Polynesian - Cocktails by “Captain” Brian Miller at Major Food Group’s 21st-century Tiki Bar

·  Marama Mama Punch ($85)

o What’s in It? - Summer royale tea-infused Vodka, rums, orgeats, bitters and tropical juices

o How’s It Served? - In an actual red Igloo cooler that brings back memories of fun times with friends and family on the beach, in the park or in the backyard.

·  Exotica Bowl ($85)

o What’s in It? - Rums infused with kaffir lime, green curry & coriander, bay leaf, ginger, coconut, bitters, juices and club soda

o How’s It Served? - In an enormous brandy snifter that is placed inside a humungous clam shell filled with dry ice. When served, hot water is poured on the dry ice to produce cascading waves of smoke-like water vapor.

701West - Cocktails by Bar Director Salvatore Tafuri complement two-time Michelin-starred Chef John Fraser’s cuisine at this fine dining destination at Ian Schrager’s new Ian Schrager's The Times Square EDITION.

·  Ay Chihuahua ($60)

o What’s in It? - Don Julio 1942 Tequila, shishito and agave syrups, lime juice and jalapeño tincture

o How’s It Served? - In a special glass vessel resembling a squash that is set atop a small bed of actual wheatgrass. The grass is accented by three edible flowers, each bearing a sprinkling of a different flavored salt: dried chile & lime, sundried tomato, and classic smoked salt.

·  Bali Ha’i ($45)

o What’s in It? - Rum, grilled pineapple syrup, fresh lime and pineapple juices, Korean red pepper paste and dried red chili threads

o How’s It Served? - In an actual Japanese donburi bowl, simulating a ramen experience, complete with bamboo straws that serve as “chopsticks.” The bowl is accompanied by a tropical fruit plate with mango juice “noodles,” coconut strips, fresh passionfruit, rambutan on the half-shell with freeze-dried black currants and three “fish cakes” made from fresh dragon fruit, lychee-green apple and guava. It is served with an amuse coupe of sparkling sake.

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