How to be Fit and Chic in 2018


It wouldn’t be a new year if we didn’t enthusiastically hop on the new-year-new-me wagon and try to change things about our lifestyles and workout routines we didn’t like in the year before – and, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with caring about yourself, is there? Plus, if bettering your physique pairs up with looking super cute while doing it – the pleasure is even bigger!

This time around we are talking about fitness habits in 2018 that could help you become an even hotter piece of as* than you were in 2017. So, read through the advice below and get active:

Increase your water intake

Yes, we better start with the most annoying advice of all and get it out of the way – WATER IS EVERYTHING. The more you drink, the better your digestion, skin and the overall mobility will be. But it’s not just your physique and digestive tract water can help with; 8 glasses of water per day (minimum) will boost your mood and help you feel happier and more cheerful. Do note that experts advise not going overboard with water intake to avoid water intoxication. So, about 2l of water per day should be your goal.

Be proud of your curves

Yes, committing to an intense workout usually means committing to shedding a few extra pounds, and we applaud. But, the fact that you are a bit curvier than some of your gym mates doesn’t mean you should hide away under baggy T-shirts and oversized bottoms. Flaunt what your mama gave you and monitor your results by observing yourself in the gym mirror whenever you work out. True, the sweaty, reddish, jiggly sight won’t always be the most pleasant picture to look at, but it will all be worth it in the end!

Stay cute even when sweaty

We may be branded superficial for saying it but – looking good means feeling great, and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with boosting your form a little with attractive workout gear. Wear cute tight leggings that boost your form and an adorable top/sports bra that’s flirtatious enough to boost your motivation, and subtle enough to let you work out uninterrupted. A quality gym towel in a fun, quirky color can go a long way paired with comfy gym gloves and cute bud headphones. It’s the little things that boost the workout enthusiasm, really!

Switch up your nutrition


Not that you don’t already know this but a lean physique is 70% nutrition and 30% workout. A triple cheeseburger and XL Coke won’t get burned away by a million lounges at the gym or 30 minutes on a treadmill. To actually be able to see the results you need to endorse a full lifestyle change; include healthy foods into your daily routine like leafy greens, lean meats, plenty of fluids and a full exclusion of processed sugars. It takes no longer than 21 days for the body (and mind!) to get accustomed to a change, so stay strong for those three weeks and become the Queen of your own life. Mind what you put in your body – not just because of the way you look but the way you feel, as well as your overall health.

Be pretty – for you

Usually, when we say workout we either picture Gigi Hadid looking flawless punching her boxing bag or an average Joe sweating it out like a pig (pardon our honesty!), right? Well, it’s up to us which of the two images we want to fit in. We wanna say Gigi, and we think you do too.

Since we trust you’ll have your gear beautifully sorted (check paragraph 3), there are just a few other things to think about: your gym hair and makeup. Although you will be sweating, there’s no need to look sloppy. Make sure your hair is clean or at least tied in a neat ponytail/bun. Don’t use powders on your face while working out, but some waterproof mascara and a touch of lip gloss will definitely make a difference!

Good luck dolls, we know you’ll nail 2018 following the advice above!