Everything Your Need To Know To Prepare For Fashion Week

NYFW - or otherwise known as New York Fashion Week. Most people who aren’t aware of the event find out about it when scores of photos cross their Instagram’s explore page with the hashtag #NYFW. There are so many ways to get ready for this week that most people prepare months in advance, booking rooms, getting tickets to ready themselves to attend the week-long extravaganza. Here are some tips and tricks to make your week memorable.

Nicholas K. at NYFW

Nicholas K. at NYFW

  1. Prep your outfits before packing. There are going to be cameras everywhere, constantly snapping. If you want to catch the eye of some photographer or the attendee who happens to next to you, know what you’re wearing and owe what you have. The most important thing you can wear with any outfit is your confidence and if you can rock that out on the streets or in the shows, you’re golden.

  2. Charge your phones and cameras. If there’s anything anyone knows about attending NYFW and having the memories and photos to commemorate, it’s that batteries should always be charged. For phones, opt to carry a portable charger as well as the cord if you’re out all day and go into the night. For camera users, make sure to carry extra batteries and a battery charger, as well as an extra sd card in case you take too many photos.

  3. Sync your calendars. There’s nothing worse than missing a show because you forgot the place and time. Prepare where you have to be and what time the show you’re going to starts a few days in advance. Figure out how you’re going to get there either by adding it to your phone with notifications or writing it down in a planner. To add to this, RSVP the shows and events you’re attending and make sure you know where your tickets are. Fashion Week is hectic enough and people move at a fast pace throughout the day to ensure everything goes smoothly and soundly. By knowing where everything is makes your life and their lives easier.

  4. Pack comfortable shoes. This one doesn’t seem obvious, but it should be. Honestly, if you’re strutting down Manhattan in five inches or higher heels, your feet will beg for mercy before you have the chance to take them off. Especially if you’re constantly moving throughout the day. Use insoles, but also bring flats to change if you aren’t planning on being in photographs all day. Flat shoes can be fashionable and comfortable as well!

  5. Talk to people. Should be a no brainer, ‘cause you never know when a simple conversation can turn into a new opportunity. Or meet up with someone you know is going to attend NYFW, either to a show or to an outing afterwards. There’s nothing like bonding over mutual interests and how better than over this season’s new trends? Plus, New York Fashion Week is a social event, not a solo event.

  6. Lastly, enjoy yourself. Maybe it’s easy to forget because you have to do a lot to prepare for and for most bloggers and vloggers, you’re technically working while you’re there. That doesn’t mean that through the hectic schedule, you can’t have fun.

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Fashion doesn’t stop at just the clothes you wear, but now, fashion can include technology as well. You’ve probably seen the LED light-up skirts and heard about the Fitbit, TechStyle NYC is hosting their 7th event, displaying sustainable clothes for a responsible future.

Come and discover new brands that work on tackling recycled clothing, a subscription ‘tube’ that offers products that sync up with a woman’s cycle, or fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Head on over to September 12th from 7pm-9pm at the loft at Prince Street (177 Prince Street) and be a part of this interactive event!

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By Alix Vo