Brighten Up Your Life By Brightening Up Your Interior

Adding a pop of color to any room can drastically improve your mood. If you often find yourself stressed or upset while at home, you may want to consider a few minor retouches to your interior design that will make a huge overall difference in your attitude.


Choosing a color

Depending on how you’re feeling most of the time when you get home should help determine what color choice to go with. Cool colors, such as blues, greens and violets, promote peace which would help you feel better after a stressful day of work. On the other hand, warm colors, such as reds, pinks, yellows and oranges, promote cheerfulness which would be helpful if you find yourself feeling upset after returning home. With the cool colors, try to pick a bright shade as the darker shades could bring your mood down instead of giving you the feeling of tranquility. As for the warm colors, find a shade that isn’t overpowering to you as the warm colors can become an eye sore when you look at them constantly.

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Implementing your color choice

Look around the rooms you spend the most time in and make note of the spaces that make you feel less at ease or indifferent. If there are windows in the space, try putting up curtains or a valance that match the color you chose to go with. Letting in some sunlight every now and then can also help improve your mood in the space.

Other options include painting a simple pattern in your chosen color on one of the walls in the rooms you frequent, or finding simplistic wall stickers to put up. The latter is a good option if you live in a residence that doesn’t allow painting. You could also add some decorative pillows in the color of your choice to the space to add an additional level of comfort. Lastly, if you have a lamp that uses a standard lamp shade, you could find a lampshade that goes with your color choice to continue to brighten up your room and your mood.

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